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    What decision to make in this complicated situation?

    I honestly disagree with the comments above. Honesty is always the best way to approach this situation.
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    How to regain physical intimacy

    Always be there for her! I like what you are planning to do.
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    I'd like to hear your opinion on streaming services. I think that they are really useful.
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    Sex and sexdrive PMO vs. Post-PMO

    That is really sad. You know, the feeling that you are ready to go, but something else isn't.
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    I MO'd through phone sex: relapse?

    This is really interesting. Honestly, I would start again however, that's just my personal opinion.
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    It is hard trying to stay away from your triggers. I found that staying away helped me a lot however, I am not too sure in your situation.
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    I would like to see more members chime into this. This is really interesting to know.
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    I have heard of that too, that one is really great. I also like playing games on my downtime, it takes my mind off of things.
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    72 days porn free and counting...

    That sound great! Hopefully everything goes well for you.
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    Is it possible for RN to host their youtube videos on other than youtube?

    This is interesting. I honestly never heard of this, hopefully someone answers with a little more insight.
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    Un nuovo inizio!

    Hello Ale, I feel you. All that is part of the struggle, stay strong.
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    Shrunk, unresponsive, rubbery penis

    Sounds like an erectile disfunction. You might want to get go to a doctor for that.
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    What are some of your favorite apps that help you with your recovery? Would you care to share some of them?
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    Don't run away from withdrawal symptoms by watching porn

    This is really interesting. Thank you for sharing this here.