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    Stress and Anxiety

    Totally agree! I feel for those who experience a lot worse.
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    I started counting

    Congratulations on doing this! Good luck on your journey.
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    Helping myself

    That is really great! Hopefully you can fully control this in the future.
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    A friend's advice

    Nothing to worry in here, Sam. We are all here to help you.
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    Hi. It’s women too.

    Welcome to the forum! I hope you can as learn as much from everyone.
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    Stress and Anxiety

    It really depends on our situation before this all happened. For a lot of people, this pandemic hit them a lot harder than they can take.
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    Stress and Anxiety

    With the current issues, how did they affect you mental health? Is COVID a big factor in your mental health issue?
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    Understand addiction - Huberman podcast

    Nice video. This is of great use to a lot of people.
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    Cuckold thoughts and my situation. Please HELP! Literally dying for help..

    Science podcasts are amazing. There are a lot to learn in there.
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    Depression . . . (help me)

    I agree with this. Self-reflection is highly important.
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    Mental acuity and brain fog

    I am interested too. I hope someone gets around to answering this.
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    There is porn in this Forum (Spam). How do I delete the account. This place Is not Safe

    This forum is not heavily moderated. I hope someone does action with this.
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    Shame and Excitement: useless

    Yes, that is how one is supposed to approach this. Hopefully you get better.
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    Final push for help with my research into gay/bi men, porn addiction and mental health

    I wish a lot participates on this research. Hopefully we get results after your study.
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    Long refractory period

    Carry on bro. Sometimes it may take a long while.