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    After about 120 something days had successfully had sex. It wasn?t easy as I had to get hard from bj but I was good after that. It works. Hopefully I can continue to improve. Question is do I need more rest or just expect I need stimulation and continue to reword sexually.
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    91 days no pmo

    Need some help and advice. Been off porn for awhile. Used ED meds to mask problem while quitting porn. Haven?t done anything for 91 days though. While I?m getting better I think I need more time. Any suggestions and ideas. Can get erect if I force it. But it?s bad. How much longer do I need to...
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    How long reboot?

    Currently at 67 Days hard mode. Few wet dreams. But still no full erection yet. If I achieve one it goes away as I stand or doesn?t last. Is 6 months hard mode long enough?