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    The fantasies are getting weaker!

    One of my main triggers after giving up porn has been these damn fantasies, some of them would last just a few seconds, but others when my brain is "idle" , like when trying to fall asleep, and often involved long detailed fantasies.  It would rarely lead to full blown Fapping, (more like a...
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    Day 32, and the fantasies are coming more often

    Hi All,  Well day 32 for my PMO, and until now I've had a surprisingly easy time not watching any P. Not to say that it hasn't popped into my mind, but I've been able to get my mind on other things until the urges pass. Lately though, what I call "mini-fantasies" will pop into my head, and are...
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    While Rebooting/Rewiring, fantasies still surfacing?

    Hi All, I'm new to this site but SO glad I have found this wonderful resource.  I've read many posts here, and try to find the ones that help me with my urges, and triggers (if anyone has good links on this subject I would you please share them?  I need all the help I can get!  (approx day 19...
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    My Journal, and Road to Recovery

    Greetings all, First off I want to say how grateful I am to the designers, MOD's and anyone else who participated in the creation of this website!  Kudo's to all of you!  I am a 59 y/o male who is sick and tired of living this secret life of shame,  and damaging my own life and others around...