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    Erectile dysfunction is killing me, help before I give up

    Definitely sounds like Anxiety to me. I have suffered with anxiety around sex for most of my life. I have always had more trouble in a new relationship and then once I started to feel comfortable with my partner things got much better. Of course, now I have PIED along with anxiety so it is an...
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    Nick 2.0

    Glad to hear Nick. Today is day 63 for me and I've been struggling a bit more. My post today covers it all so I won't write about it here. There is no doubt that this is a roller coaster ride. No way to stay on the top every moment. When you go up, down can certainly follow. I just there are...
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    My journey to be a better man.

    Thanks Nick and Phineas. Both of your replies were awesome and always helpful. So a few new interesting developments. At least I find it interesting. I'm over 60 days now and things have been going well. But I have had more episodes of porn fantasy and desire to go back to porn in the last few...
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    Help Needed...

    Be strong. You can do this. Being in a private office with the door closed makes it so easy to be tempted. I am still in that situation. I can't leave my door open or move to a busier part of my home. I have too many phone calls and the rest of my family doesn't need to hear me on the phone all...
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    Trying to recover all I might lose.

    Congratulations on your continued success. I think focusing on family, friends, hobbies and other tasks that can make us better and fantastic to keep porn further in the back of our minds. Hopefully it will get stuck way back there and never come out again!
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    A Porn Story

    I like your outlook. Yes, it is not a straight line, but I'm fine going on a more scenic and curvy road as long as it leads to a better place. Peace!
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    When you believe in magic

    Great news for you and a great update. Glad to hear that you are not thinking that much about porn. I have my days where I think about it and most where I don't. I hope that continues to grow stronger. Take care.
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    One day at a time

    I hit 60 days a few days ago. I'm still struggling. I've had my ups and downs but I am moving forward. Take it one day at a time. Don't look to hit 60 days, 90 days. Just get through today. Although I have my bad days, I'm still determined not to go back. Have a great day today. Be positive...
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    My journey to be a better man.

    Thanks Phineas. Almost a little funny that you wrote about the brain fog and porn-memory. I've been doing really good and of course on day 60 I couldn't sleep that night. I just kept having porn running through my brain as I tried to fall asleep. It was crazy. I kept trying to change the...
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    How Shall We Escape?

    Keep going Phineas! I enjoy reading your posts and I am following your story. It is terrific and it is helpful to me and I imagine many others as well.
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    no more to and fro

    That is great Joel. Fantastic stuff. You pretty much summed up The Easy Peasy method in one paragraph. I read the book, but I thought it was way too long. In essence, you're not giving up porn you are gaining so many things. Focusing on what you are gaining is the key. Feeling better about...
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    My journey to be a better man.

    Really glad that it can help. The journals here have been fantastic. Exactly what I needed to start healing. I have a long road ahead of me as I assume you do as well. We're in the 40 plus thread and I'm 53. So, 60 days is nothing compared to the journey that got us here. So, although I'm...
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    Help Needed...

    That is really all you can do. Good luck.
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    A Porn Story

    Good job. I have a DVD in the basement that I burned with a lot of my favorite porn on it. I did that a number of years ago and never really went back to it. Just so much on the internet there really was no need. I have to go find it and break it apart. No need to find that years from now. Stay...
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    My journey to be a better man.

    Thanks Jerry and Time to Heal. Things are continuing to go well for me. I'm at 60 days today and feeling great. I have had some urges, but more sexual/masturbation urges, not really to run to my computer and porn sites. However, I'm holding off for as long as I can to let the healing continue...