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    Zander Reboot - Light at the end of the tunnel

    Great progress, man! I definitely feel like this becomes more of a mind game the longer you go. Early on, it's like me vs. the urges of my body. Later, though, it turns more into something like checking my thoughts and talking myself through weird attitudes/feelings. It's a different sort of...
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    Zander Reboot - Light at the end of the tunnel

    That's fair. If there's anything I've learned through this process, it's that it's all related. Dealing with addiction is not just about fixing a part of our lives, it's about changing our whole lives. An addiction is just our brain's messed up way of trying to take care of us. Find better ways...
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    Zander Reboot - Light at the end of the tunnel

    Hey, man, good to see you back on the forum, and it's great to see you're still making progress. Congrats on 146 days! I know what you mean about feeling terrible. In the last few months, I have had the most success I can remember fending off this addiction, but I've also felt about the worst...
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    Not gonna go it alone

    Here's me in a nutshell: I really fell into heavy pornography use and masturbation through high school (probably at least one session every day). I started to struggle with it (tried to stop) when I went to college and have continued to make incremental progress in overcoming this problem in the...