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    I told my wife ,we had sex once a week up until I fully Recovered.
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    It took me 2 years
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    Hi guys I wanna thank this forum,I was a porn and a masturbation addict 3 years back.I went to the doctor many times thinking I have erectile dysfunction.I have tried viagra ,cialis and injections.I remember also doing test with my doctor to see if I don't have a leaking vein.After years of...
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    I am free

    I am free
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    Losing Erection

    Rebooters, Why do I lose erection when my wife is no top ,is because of this porn condition or is it a health problem please help
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    Seeking advice

    Guys I need help,I am on reboot for almost 3 months and also using daily cialis ,I am getting something like 60% erection okay that is not a problem,my problem is that my penis is super numb I cant feel it when I have sex and that leads me not to come. I am thinking of going to do PRP(Penile...
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    Weak Erection

    Hello Rebooters, I am 31 old guy from South Africa,I started watching porn at age 16 and masturbating everyday.I have developed PIED and Dead grip.Now I am on reboot for 58 days and I have weak erections 50%(erection strength).I am thinking of taking viagra or cialis cause this weak erection is...