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    Becoming a better me

    Had to reset unfortunately. I didn't PMO but I did watch P right after getting back from an awesome holiday with my partner, bascially on the first instance that I got alone time. I will be telling her and I have booked myself in for some counselling on this matter. Feeling a bit anxious in...
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    Becoming a better me

    Uni is now over, holidays have begun and there are so many great things to be excited about. I have a huge holiday coming up soon, a new band, new time to practice and I will be finding a new house soon. I’m just enjoying a few minutes along in my gf’s car that I’m borrowing before going and...
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    New Beginning

    Hey man, thanks for sharing your journey. I would really recommend some couples councelling so that you and your wife can explore what you are going through in a safe way. You've said you think porn is the likely cause of all this hurt here, but still it wouldn't hurt to get some help on the...
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    Learning to treat myself well

    Loving the profile pic man! also loving the enthusiasm in this thread. Hope your week is going good
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    Reclaiming My Life

    Welcome! May this place be of learning and of utmost self honesty for you. Thanks for sharing your story and I’m keen to see updates as you end your relationship with porn :))
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    Becoming a better me

    Status update, I had to restart Scrolling through social media and giving in to the triggers kept escalating. I ended up downloading reddit cuz I wanted to check something out a mate sent me on it but then it was bad news from there. To add insult to injury, the day I fully relapsed was at...
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    Becoming a better me

    Day 55, Unfortunately I have been casually searching for porn again (social media scrolling, google images). I haven't managed to find anything yet- thankfully- but this is not constructive behaviour by any means and its escalating instead of diminishing. I am definitely more sexually energized...
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    Did I relapse?

    Don’t reset just keep going bro :)) the whole thing sounded fun anyway so just be thankful for it and look forward to how good the full experience is gonna be when you’re P free 😄
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    Did I relapse?

    Hey dude, Aren't you rebooting so that you can invest in your sex life with real women? Sure facetime is a virtual environment, but that kinda thing (imo) is a real experience with a real person... But that being said I can see how it blurs the line for you given that you wanted to go 'hardcore'...
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    Becoming a better me

    Day 52, hit the big 50 a few days ago which is awesome. I still find myself digging every now and then for P through social media, and I really need to cut this habit. Taking my phone into the bathroom is absolutely a trigger, so I need to limit that. I think keeping my phone on the far side of...
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    How can I know if I have Porn induced ED?

    Hey dude, I'm studying med/pharmacology atm, and I would really recommend to prioritise this issue as a mental issue rather than a purely physical one. Honestly great initiative to go and see a clinician about this but I would be VERY hesitant to start you on meds as a long term fix-all...
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    Becoming a better me

    I'm having some trouble focussing, so I'll set a focus timer for my work. I have a really great show I'm watching tonight and I need to make sure I get enough done. I want to do some more reflections on my days before I fall asleep each night. Do some goal setting for the next day. I had a...
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    Fighting For Love

    you’ve come such a long way dude, loving this progress that you’re making and the positive attitude you’re choosing to take in a lot of your self relfection. Also you’re getting some great pics, the one with your mate looks especially good for a dating website IMO :)) keep up the great work!
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    Becoming my best self

    Stick to your 30 day goal bro! Make sure you see this one through 🤙🏼 Nice work with the mediation, how do you do it?
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    Becoming a better me

    Day 32/365 down had a great day today. I wish I was exercising more but this isn’t a large priority at the moment. I do feel it’s one of the big things holding my mental health back. I’m going to be up and moving at 8am tomorrow. I’m looking forward to making some great progress on instrument...