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    Very likely to have a weird combination of venous leakage with pied. (25)

    Hey man, you seem to be going through hard times. You and I have something in common: we have high standards, we are able to say things as they really are, etc. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time. We tend to be too severe with ourselves and our lives, and to be chronically...
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    Very likely to have a weird combination of venous leakage with pied. (25)

    Wow, that’s great! A really positive and inspiring post. Congratulations on two years, Jeks! It all sounds good to me. Go out, meet some people, and take care of yourself. Things can only get better!
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    PIED update during reboot

    Thanks a lot, Stiffy! I’ll definitely read your thread and watch the video you shared.
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    PIED update during reboot

    Getting close to 500 days no P no M. I’ve still got a long way to go, because I still have ED. I’m able to have sex without ED pills, but I still need constant stimulation, so I can’t really take my time, or I’ll lose it. I’m still making love in the same 1-2 postions, doggy style is not an...
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    Still no libido (100+ days)

    Congratulations, casanova! Those are amazing news. Really happy that ED will soon be a thing of the past for you. Looking forward to reading your success story. Keep it up!
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    When you believe in magic

    Congratulations!! Really inspiring. Hope to be in your shoes one day. Here’s to the next 30 days! 🥂
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    Rebooting trough self-parenting

    Hey man! I’m wondering, do you have any intentions regarding dating? You don’t seem to have bad ED, actually I don’t even remember if you have it. Do you meet women? Do you plan to meet girls at some point? You’ve been rebooting for a while, you’re probably ready for that. Especially if you feel...
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    This time, I have to succeed.

    Been a while, mousemat, how are you? I hope you’re doing well.
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    My journey to be a better man.

    All right, I’ll try. My wife and I don't have sex. I'm not sure I want to leave her and I don't know how to meet someone else for sex. And, with all of my PIED problems I'm not sure how it would go with either option. You say that these are the reasons why staying away from porn is a waste of...
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    Nick 2.0

    Congratulations on 90 days! Here’s to another 90 days (y)
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    The Final Cut

    Hey man! More than six months since your last post. I assume things are going well for you! I hope so. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
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    Reboot Journal

    Been a while, Aussie. How are you, man? We all struggle at one point, that’s why there’s a forum like this one: you can write about it here. Hope you’re well, man.
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    26 years old; 740 days of abstinence

    We can’t be sure about this. I’ve seen more than a few success stories from guys who needed more than two years to recover. We must be careful when we talk about rebooting, since we don’t really know much about the impact of porn on the brain. But most of all, we have to be careful when we talk...
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    I am going to end 14 years long hidden nightmare

    Keep your head up and try to focus on positive things, don’t just think of the negative ones. Having faith in the process, being patient and staying away from despair are important components of a good reboot, don’t forget it. Rooting for you, man.
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    Very likely to have a weird combination of venous leakage with pied. (25)

    Sounds good, man. I haven’t been through all the things you have to face, but I feel you. The thing is, even when we have a condition that has big impacts on our lives, and somehow feel it’s unfair and that it ain’t worth living in these conditions, it ain’t true. No matter what challenges we...