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    How to regain physical intimacy

    This could help her (and you) answer those questions. This site was recommended by my therapist as a way for my husband and I to learn more about each other
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    Is my husband Gay/Bi, or is it an induced fetish

    I have actually read a lot about this from members on the nofap site. Their porn use escalated to the point where they questioned their sexuality. Several of them did have sexual relations with other men, but didn't pursue a relationship because they were certain they were not gay. When it comes...
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    Round and round we go..

    I met my husband nearly 6 years ago, and we hit it off right away. We got pregnant shortly after we began a relationship, and have a child together. Two years ago I found out about his addiction to porn. I study the human brain. My husband and I have had many lengthy discussions about deficits...