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    Sharing my current situation

    Not one to share information that isn't helpful to others, but this is a time where I need assistance. I gave into this addiction 4 times today after days of abstinence, and this is how it has been for the past 11 years (23) that I have tried to quit porn; a week at most of abstinence and one...
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    Intentional Bifurcation

    I've had luck recently attempting to separate P and O into their own two categories; making one the goal to quit and another a long term goal to reduce tremendously. I will be journalling my days here and welcome any feedback and ideas from all of you here. On the other side of this addiction...
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    Never reached past 12 days

    In the past nearly 10 years of trying to quit, extensive research, talking to counselors, online services, books, tutorials, and forums like these, I have never made it past 12 days of abstinence and most often no more than 7 days at best. I feel like there is a macro concept I am missing here...
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    Urges today have been nearly unbearable. The real game changer for me lately is not thinking about the benefits of quitting of the negativity of giving in, but understanding that I'm choosing a new way of life. It's a shift in identity that allows me to say, "I'm not the kind of person who does...
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    Journal 11-12-20

    Woke up this morning to go straight outside. The fresh air helped wake up my prefrontal cortex and start the day. I've learned that performing work doesn't exhaust us in the long term. Our bodies will provide more energy to compensate for the load. I have begun to exert enormous willpower in the...
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    Journal- Mornings

    Mornings are where my most setbacks occur. I woke up this morning and virtually unconsciously gave in as if my prefrontal cortex simply wasn't awake yet. Going to work on getting out of bed faster.
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    Your Diet and Recovery

    As the title suggests, how is your diet affecting your recovery process? I notice if I skip breakfast or eat a larger portion of unhealthy foods that sap my body of energy, my movement towards relapse increases drastically. Science suggests that a small amount of sugar can temporarily increase...