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    EMDR therapy and porn addiction

    Is there any research out there about this? What about personal anecdotes? I wonder if EMDR therapy can in any way help the process of rebooting.
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    Should video games with sexual content be avoided at all costs during a reboot?

    Perhaps one of the most anticipated games of all time is coming out next month - Cyberpunk 2077. I have been looking forward to this game for a long time. Recently, however, I became aware of porn addiction and how porn can fuck up our reward centers to negatively affect dopamine sensitivity...
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    Has anyone here experienced chronic fatigue which they think was linked to porn?

    For the past 2-3 years it seems like no matter how much I sleep I always feel like shit when I wake up. Usually I get to feeling better over the course of the day (and generally I feel best at night before I go to sleep), but getting through the early and mid-day can be really tough for me...