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    Fully recovered in 200 days!

    Ok man cool. I can only dream of being 100% recovered at day 200. I went 94 days hardmode and felt like shit the entire time.
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    Reboot Journal

    Really struggling today with withdrawals. Just this super low motivation and a sickly feeling throughout my body. I’m sleeping longer/better however I’m less energised and rested upon waking - strange considering I’ve lived off of 4 hours a night since my daughter was born. Im starting to...
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    Fully recovered in 200 days!

    First of all man congrats, well deserved! dont stress on not being able to O. Could be a multitude of things from your brain still re-wiring or subconscious pressure on yourself to O “this is weird why can’t I O” type thing. Also if you do O and it feels weak, don’t let it worry you. After...
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    Debilitating Horrible Withdrawals - The #1 Relapse Cause?

    Can I ask how old your partner is sophan and how long he has used porn? Duration of sessions? Escalation to extreme context? I’m 36 and used internet porn since I was around 16….daily and compulsively by 20, and it consumed my life completely and started fucking me up around 20 also. also if...
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    Is our relationship going to survive this? Please help!

    Lots of great responses here, not knowing how long recovery will take is the hardest part of porn addiction - the only other similar recovery time frames I’ve read about is methamphetamine - a heavy long term user may take 2/3 years worse case scenario to fully get back to baseline brain...
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    Debilitating Horrible Withdrawals - The #1 Relapse Cause?

    Hey nation, since finding out about this addiction in 2012…almost a decade ago, I’ve been unable to quit. I’ve done one 94 day hard mode reboot while I was single (2012) and a few shorter runs, this is currently my best streak since the 94 dayer, and I’m not even sure what day I’m on…I’m...
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    Depression . . . (help me)

    Hey, remember masturbating over ANY images/video is “porn”. It’s artificial stimuli that’s hijacking your brain.
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    Reboot Journal

    Hey nation, I’m back! after months of going back into the dark bottomless Pitt, I’m back to change my life for good. I’m around 3/4 weeks into a hard mode reboot, I haven’t been counting the days, I reached a point where I was miserable and just stopped… some things I’ve learnt, I can’t...
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    Porn Session Duration Poll

    Hey Nation! It would be very interesting to get an average of how long the communities viewing sessions were. Please vote! You don't have to post a reply if your to busy, can't be bothered or are uncomfortable sharing your information. Just simply click on the closest time your average...
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    Penis Damage From PMO?

    Hey nation, Just wanted to throw this out there as I'm interested if anyone else has done damage to their penis from excessive death gripping/PMO'ing over the years. Now when i say damage I'm not talking about peyronie's disease, or bending / breaking or causing any structural damage to your...
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    35 - Heavily Addicted for 15 years - No ED?

    Hey guys so as the title states i don't have PIED, luckily. My addiction is severe, Hours of edging daily (5 - 7 hours usually) , hardcore withdrawals when i do abstain, escalation over the years to extreme material, nearly all of the other negative impacts this addiction can have....just not...
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    Reboot Journal

    Hey guys, I first discovered the nofap/YBOP community around 6 or so years ago. At that time i was in my late twenties, living in my bedroom at my parents house, unemployed, no car, single, no life. My days literally revolved around edging for insane amounts of time - at least 7 or so hours a...