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    My ED is PIED or not

    99.999999% pied
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    Pied and multiple addiction recovery

    Day 13 no PMO... Doing it easy street can't see me failing this time... got Savage dead dick so PMO is easy to not do... just focusing on life... working on my vision and poker and crypto.... In terms of having a gf and laying down pipe this year... its off the cards... still got half a year...
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    Pied and multiple addiction recovery

    Day 6 now and doing the vision statement and super pumped...
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    I need to up my game.

    Dude porn is so so dumb eah ... farkkkk the porn...
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    I need to up my game.

    Dude that's nothing lol...I'm day 5 off junk food binging, gambling, alcohol, and PMO ... I'm also 12.5 weeks off smoking green now.. I'm on the right path
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    Proof that hardmode/rewire work.

    Wow dude what a legend.... how old are you
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    Pied and multiple addiction recovery
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    Still no libido (100+ days)

    good story man... I'm pumped
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    A Porn Story

    Thanks for the top I'm trying this
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    Pied and multiple addiction recovery

    Oh not day 1 .. I meant day 2 lol... Thought about it and not totally back at the beginning... I'm 12 weeks free from smoking weed now so gradually getting there...
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    I feel uterly lost and baffled by my ignorance.

    Dude your 28 yourve got heaps of time... I'm 36 and have less time than you and I'm hopeful
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    Pied and multiple addiction recovery

    Day 1 no PMO... right back at the beginning... Feeling positive and hopeful
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    I'm in Hell

    From my understanding ... nobody ever has not been fully cured if they want it that bad... Keep going... I'm back to day 1 a pumped ... So in 1 year when I'm cured you will be 2 years and cured
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    5+ months Reboot seeking help ?

    I read 5G Is really bad ... It could be this eah... 5G is really effecting me
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    No PMO hardmode

    Alright I'm well into no porn and hardmode... I'm 36 and on about day 34 hardmode... Life is the best its ever been I never thought no masterbation was an option until even porn would not turn me on no more... When I started to dead dick porn I knew I had some problems that I had to address...