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    Hard but possible I believe.

    all d best bro...
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    Proof that hardmode/rewire work. lose erection when you get up from bed?
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    standing erection topic

    such things i did since age 15 and that's the genuine reason why i can't get up in standing position.i never masturbated in standing position.i have done either in prone position with high pressure on my dick or sitting in front of personal computer. the only question i have that how to rewire...
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    Day 61 - struggling, but need to keep going!

    According to me, you shoud train your brain brotha in such a way that laptop ,you tube access shouldn't make a difference during a reboot. try to control your mind while laying down with laptop craving for porn but not watching it, that'show you can win battle of controlling your mind. learn to...
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    I keep unconsciously touching myself?!

    Hi iagrain..avoid touching need to train your brain to control yourself. rebooting is not just about not watching porn but it's about controlling on ourselves. m at day 45 of my reboot..we both are in the same boat.i made a mistake by masturbating 3 times in thes 45days due to video sex...
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    I used to have very less MW but since i stop watching porn and rarly masturbated in two months.m having good morning woods meaning somewhere at some point it's a progress and such things itself motivates us.even my doctor told me that morning wood is a good sign.
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    Hello Hello Hello iam at day 41, even i had 3 morning woods continuously this morning woods count per week has been increased.but yesterday i had phone sex with my gf and i touch my penis due to which no morning wood yesterday which made me realise not to touch dick.let it get hard...
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    Need Motivation? Hear Me Out! Short and Sweet

    Hi this is harry 25 virgin..i have a severe ed..failed to have sex with many girls from age 21-24. I came around this forum and thanks to you i know my ed cause. I completed my 35 days without porn but did masturbation twice because of video sex with my partner . I do video and audio calls as i...
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    PIED Recovery Plateau?

    Same thing is happening with me bruhh!! Losing erection when standing up and not at all erection when i stand up..
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    Porn free !!30 days completed!!

    Thanks broooo!!! Good wishes for your recovery too!!
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    Porn free !!30 days completed!!

    1)Completed 30 days without porn. 2)I was not in a hardmode.i had done video sex twice a week mostly with girlfriend shared numerous nudes pics dus to long distance relationship which made me masturbate twice after 30days of no porn and masturbation. 3)My 30 days was full of confusion.i had...
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    Ok what the heck is going on with my recovery

    Hey i have completed one month with no P,M. very less fb,insta just for reading memes. Even i am confused what's really going on.sometimes i get harder woods for longer time and sometimes loose woods. Sometimes i get angry frustrate for no reason in my workplace.sometimes my dick size gets soo...
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    Towards a new journey!!!

    Hi i am harry, 25 virgin.. I was a porn addict,i started watching porn at age 16.i still remember my hard erections at that age.i have done a lot of masturbation including prone masturbation twice thrice a day sometimes whole day.when i met a real girl and i couldn't able to get erection at...