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    Pied 15 years odl

    I’m 15 and had severe pied where porn couldn’t get me up. This started 6 months ago in march I was in a heavy porn streak and while watching porn i lost my erection. I’ve been pmo free for 6 months. I get involuntarily erections sometimes and i’ve had like 7 wet dreams. I just don’t know if im...
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    I’m 15 and had Severe pied and 4 months in reboot

    thanks man i’ll never lie when i got a serious problem it’s been 4 months clean no porn no masturbation going for a year
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    My accountability partner got cured.

    Hello are u looking for a accountability partner i lowkey want one i’m 15 and had several pied where even porn couldn’t get me up it’s been 4 months about to be 5 i get erections sometimes i almost never fail to start growing when i see a baddie but most of it isn’t full erections and im scared...
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    No reaction to porn

    Hey question i’m the same as u one afternoon i just couldn’t get up to porn and i’ve quit for 4 months now i haven’t tried porn or masturbation but when i scroll and see a girl bikini pick i start to grow but as soon as i see it i scroll. I’m 15 years old btw how long did it take for u to be...
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    I’m 15 and had Severe pied and 4 months in reboot

    Hello everyone im 15 years old i got pied 4 months ago while i was watching twitter porn my erection went down and i found it hard to get hard to porn. Because of quarantine my porn use escalated and that’s the reason i believe. It’s been 4 months of hard mode about to be 5 no porn no...
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    Proof that hardmode/rewire work.

    Proud of u bro i’m 15 with severe pied porn can’t even get me up it’s been 4 months so far hopefully going strong i don’t really think i’m severe anymore cause sometimes when’s drilling on social media and seeing a girl i start to grow but i quickly scroll