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    Amor Fati (Recovery Journal)

    Good to hear Jswizzle. I'm glad to hear life is keeping you busy and porn-free. Keep it up brother!
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    I know what you mean by that, I feel the same. But everyday is an achievement as well, so let's keep on pushing ourselves and enjoying everyday for what it is, freedom. Keep going man, you're doing great!
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    I will make it -- Looking forward to taking my life back

    Let's do this together!
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    Battle Journal

    I'm glad to hear the surgery went well Skittelz. Keep that momentum going!
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    I will make it -- Looking forward to taking my life back

    So happy for you First step. Yes, it's amazing what getting off this nonsense will do for you. I literally didn't even have dreams when I was looking at porn. I'm sure I "had them" but I could never remember them. Whatever the hell is going on in the brain for that to happen is pretty bad...
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    Finally, I'm doing this…

    Good one Phineas! I'll bring the marshmallows. :cool: Keep killing it Ezel. Almost to 20 days.
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    Exciting days!!

    Yes, Tinder can be a bitch. Nice job staying the course Durden. What would Tyler Durden do in this situation? He would probably delete the app and start talking to girls in person, or start that war against the corporations! I would definitely choose the former and not the latter. ;) Keep...
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    Porn is not an option

    Day 242 Thanks everyone! So I'm thinking I want to up my game and refrain from getting off during sex for a period of time. My dick for the most part is working just fine, but he still lacks the consistently I know he can have and I think this would do the trick. In all honesty, I've never...
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    Amor Fati (Recovery Journal)

    How you doing Jswizzle? It's been a while since you checked in. I hope all is well.
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    Lifetime of porn use, but ready for the best part of my life to begin

    Nice to hear about you and your son, and good job on keeping the upper hand in that situation! 🤣 Reading that made me smile. I don't have children, but I do remember being one - damn we could be little shits back then! Keep it up Onmyway.
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    Pride and joy

    Nice job resisting Particularly, well played sir. Have fun catching up with the wife tomorrow. Best
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    Miles to Go

    This is how I see it as well. My lady isn't bothered by porn (which was nice), but it's not possible for me to only "look at it a little bit." So the end game for me is the same - porn never again. And quite frankly, having not looked at it for a long time once then watching it again, you...
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    Finally sick and tired of being sick and tired

    🏆 👏
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    How Shall We Escape?

    Great job Phineas. Yes those "tailor-made" cues can get us, but I see your tailor-made habits have defeated them! Carry on!
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    It ends here.

    Stay strong Downhill. Get off your computer if you have to! Whatever it takes. You got his.