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  • Fyi, I can't tell anyone in my family or the others whose related to my daily life. It will be the end for me if they found out about this, cause i just known by the public as "a girl that come from a religius family"

    I'll trying my best to get along with all of you, Thanks
    علي عزت
    Please I want support from anyone and share with me the take-off because my condition is miserable as it only lasted three days and then I come back to watch porn and masturbate. Please I want support Please I want a partner Please help me
    Nice to meet you all,
    Firstly, sorry for my poor english. And then, you can just call me "anyone" who needs help with my porn addicted so desperately. It's getting worse this day, so i trying to search any help from this forum.
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    All you need to know about porn addiction is available at yourbrainonporn.com.
    Congratulations on start of reboot.Start a journal,develop better habits.To beat PMO, learn about reward circuit, withdrawals,reboot phases,focus on the other things in life instead on just quitting PMO.Relapses could happen, the first three weeks will be tough, but understand that these are due withdrawals and chemical changes in brain, go through them to get to the other side.
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