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    Getting my life back

    Great achievement Freddy! Keep up the good work. Morning wood is a sign of recovery!
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    A way back to the light

    EarthWalker you have put it brilliantly. Shame is the emotion that does not allow progess or self-transformation. Shame is very much like quicksand. Just sucks you further down while you struggle to get out.
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    I need to up my game.

    Escape, I can relate to your struggles. Do not despair.Do not lose hope or feel frustrated. Do not dwell on things like " I am 30 and still caught up in the reboot/relapse cycle". Just keep moving ahead. The addiction pathways will slowly weaken and you will feel more in control as the days go...
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    Adventure of a lifetime - The sobriety chain

    Hi Legal What you have described is nothing out of place. It is a typical day in the life of an addict. So many millions of porn addicts are going through the exact same thing. That is the quintessential feature of addiction: what many of us here refer to as "autopilot". It feels like a parallel...
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    This time I have to quit it for good!

    Great going Zack! 54 days is fantastic. Make every day count!
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    Hardest Part Is Restarting

    Escape you are absolutely right. I relapsed past 2 days to.......guess what.......Instagram! Not even porn! But what we do know is that we have to conquer ourselves. We have to conquer our addictions. Fact is, sources of addiction have existed, and will continue to exist, for as long as human...
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    I love myself and will recover

    So guys I am back after a long holiday. Sad to say, I relapsed yesterday and today. That's 2 straight days of PMO. I last posted on Aug 15, said it was day 53. So count it from there: my streak ends on day 69 Was it really P? No. Guess what...... I relapsed to Instagram pics!!! An...
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    I love myself and will recover

    I'm posting after an entire week Day 53 today And yes when the stress of exams evaporates, it's a heavenly feeling. But also the opportune moment for old pathways to be reactivated. And that did happen. Watched some porn, but pulled myself back quickly. No desire to M or O. So I would count...
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    Adventure of a lifetime - The sobriety chain

    Yug relapses are a part and parcel of recovery. You will experience several relapses over the years. But each time you pick yourself up and say "I'll restart and make every day count" slowly but surely you are rewiring your brain. And a day will come when you will realise that you are able to...
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    Journey To Nirvaana !!!

    AJM it's heartening to note you are on day 63. Unfortunately, that's the nature of flatline. You never really know how long it will last.
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    I need to up my game.

    Escape do not despair buddy! Relapses hit any time, and when they do, they hit hard. It's old pathways fighting for life. But you can and will overcome them. Read your own blog once again. Read all the literature once again. listen to all those videos/ podcasts once again. Again strengthen...
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    Rebooting trough self-parenting

    EW you are developing a deep understanding of the concept of the inner self. I suggest you read the book " The Power of the Subconscious Mind" by Dr Joseph Murphy. Also listen to some really practical advice given by guys like Robin Sharma (on how to excel in life and break free from a rut)...
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    Getting my life back

    Awesome indeed! Persevere and you will win!
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    Well, that was some "fun" 20+ years, but i think i want something else now please.

    Good job on a 8 day streak Slowly your will power will strengthen and you will be able to finally break free. Do watch out for the relapse. Be on your guard.
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    My "investment" plan

    Stressful work yet no bad mood is exactly the rebalancing we are looking for. That is the major part of recovery.