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    Becoming more productive

    Alt, welcome to the site and best of luck on your journey. I can relate to your story and am here to support you! Lots of great resources online that will help you break out of this.
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    Becoming the person I need to be

    Happily just marked 53 days in a row of no porn. The images are fading, and I am progressing, even though I'm not perfect. I still have inappropriate lust at times, and I still struggle to resist the urge to MO, but I must take a moment to reflect on my incredible progress. In the past 6...
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    Becoming the person I need to be

    Thanks--I agree, but I have learned for myself that I need to quit masturbation.
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    Cam Girl Addiction: From Financially Savvy to Buried in Debt

    Good for you and props on the self awareness and clarity. Welcome to freedom!
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    Crawling from the wreckage

    You can do it! Keep updating this journal and sharing your progress. Not only will it help you, but it helps the rest of us out too.
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    Porn is not an option

    Killing it Blondie! Thanks so much for sharing all your insights, strategies, and successes; please keep doing so, we all have lots we can learn from you!
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    Becoming the person I need to be

    Day 3 no MO, day 47 no P. Pretty busy lately which helps. I had a big urge yesterday, actually. A relative of mine mentioned he was using a well-known social media platform, that I don't go on because of the presence of things I consider porn and have MO'd to many times in the past. This got me...
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    Fighting For Love

    If you don't mind me asking, do you want to have your first sexual encounter be with someone you just met? Obviously, if you MO'd 30% of the last 30 days, you're not meeting your goal; but can you compare it to how your habit used to be? I'm sure there's progress. If you're like me and you...
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    Becoming the person I need to be

    MO'd again twice yesterday. While I'm bummed about that, I fully recognize that the priority is no P, and honestly, I don't even want to look at it. MO is just a crutch for my emotional issues. I am celebrating 45 days P-free. Not going back to that.
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    Becoming the person I need to be

    Long time, no post. I'm in a bit of a difficult place now, but overall I've had good progress since my last post. I haven't seen porn in over 40 days and have greatly decreased by MO as well, though after going nearly a month without it I've binged the last few days and need to break out of the...
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    Fighting For Love

    Well done on the self-reflection and the overall progress! You're completely right that going for casual sex won't help anything. Before I ever had sex I felt like I would have this massive change when I finally did, and society encourages that idea. After I "lost my virginity," nothing changed...
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    Becoming the person I need to be

    Thank you for that incredible reply. It really helped me. I have written up a "centering statement," with answers to three questions: Who am I? Who do I want to be? Who must I not be? I intend to read it daily to stay focused on my journey, and regularly review my already written "Why do I want...
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    Welcome! Yes, it will get better. Look in the Success Stories section of this forum and Most people report that it takes a while to see real results, especially with PIED. Stick with it and you will succeed.
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    Becoming the person I need to be

    Still struggling, MO last night and M (without O) this morning. Thanks to the filter and accountability, I am much much less likely to use porn, but the urges to MO aren't going away. Still trying to overcome the unfortunate fact that I still kind of want to PMO.