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    I am new and need help to reboot

    it absolutely does. and it does naturally. all you have to do is stop porn and your brain will do the rest. it is no longer an issue with me, and will stop being an issue with you too as long as you stay away from porn
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    I am new and need help to reboot

    i had a similar problem. the only way is to stop watching porn and cut out all porn substitiutes. do not masturbate to any visual stimuli. do this right now.
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    During reboot, is it okay to get off to my own imagination of my significant other?

    yes thats a good point. your brain might get wired to the stimulation you give yourself with your hand to the point of not being able to get off any other way. thats why along with a reboot its important to rewire to another person. howeve, masturbation isnt all that bad if its done without...
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    Am I doing right thing

    have you ever tried stopping porn before?
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    Please, I need some advice from the community today because something unexpected just happened to me (I met in the supermarket with a porn actress)

    I guess its fine to be friendly to people, but just remember what she does. It could be a trigger for you to go and watch her videos.
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    20 Something Reboot

    excellentay! well done!
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    Brand new to this, my story.. I would LOVE some feedback since I'm so new to this

    Hi Mike, First and foremost, its great that you deleted all that crap from your devices. Lets keep it that way! You will get urges to watch it again, but try to do something at that time to distract yourself as much as possible until the urge dissappears. Also triggers are a big thing, youve...
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    Should I restart?

    yes, if it wasnt intentional then youre fine. you didnt go and seek it out of your own volition, thats a big factor.
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    Weird Feeling

    it could be a sense of apprehension caused by your doubts about whether or not youll be able to perform sexually? your reboot is completed but you have yet to rewire to another person, that could be why you feel like this.
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    My one week goal

    thats right. once you hit your goal of a week, 10 days or whatever, apply those same strategies that got you that far again. theres no reason why you can keep extending that one week goal, jsut stay on top of urges and triggers.
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    Dream first

    having small goals is great. it cn become a little overwhelming if you give yorself a big goal that seems far off to acheive. but breaking it down to smaller goals that you can see in front of you is a greaet motivator.
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    10 years trying ( it's much more worse )

    Ten years of addiction to PMO has absolutely damaged your brain, to the point of manifesting physically in the form of erectile dysfunction. So the damage is well and truly already done. However! That doesn’t mean you can’t recover fully. The only way to do so is to stick to a reboot plan and...
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    Thoughts on the shame of a porn addiction

    Yeah I get what you’re saying, and I think your brilliant avatar sums it up perfectly. But you can use the shame to your advantage. Shame is a powerful tool and motivator. By reflecting on the shame you feel after watching porn or even remembering the times when you used to watch it, you’ll get...
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    That’s a nice write up. It’s true that porn addiction not only effects you, but there’s a spillover effect that creeps into the lives of those around you, too.
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    Good or bad?

    are you doing hard mode? if not, then i dont see how having an orgasm would set you back. indulging in fetishes is a bit fo a grey area i think for people rebooting. while its probably harmless, there is a risk by acting out your fetishes/fantasies of getting back into porn. youve given yourself...