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    Excited to be free

    Day 115: I haven't been able to replicate the wetness I mentioned in my last entry since then, but everything else is still going pretty well. My partner can now reliably make me O, even if just from one particular act. I've also still been meditating daily and exercising more regularly. I...
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    How serious is my case? Hoping to get some advice as I'm freaking out right about now

    Yeah, sounds like your problem is at least partially PIED. The earlier performance issues I'm not sure about, but trying to use porn to help them was like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. However, all is not lost! Now that you're aware of what's going on, you can get better. Good luck!
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    I will own MY LIFE

    Good luck dude! You deserve a better life than this addiction, and if you keep this reboot up, that better life will soon be within your grasp. P.S. If you haven't read Easy Peasy yet, you should! It helped me a lot.
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    Excited to be free

    Day 104: Yesterday during sex, I satisfied my partner, and then when they went to touch me, I was very wet. Not just a little bit, but enough that we didn't need to use lube once. Part of it was that touching my partner gave me more time to get turned on, but I'm pretty sure part of it was that...
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    Im not going to feel like this again

    Have you read Easy Peasy yet? If so, you should - it helped me a lot. The main idea is that if you spend your time missing porn, thinking about how nice it would be to just go back to it, etc. you will keep reinforcing the neural pathways that tell you "porn = good". But it's not! Porn brings 0...
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    Fighting For Love

    That used to be me (not being able to masturbate without a visual aid, or at least a very graphic written one). I was convinced that that was my immutable nature, that some people could get off to sensation but that I simply couldn't. Only after I started this reboot process did I discover that...
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    Excited to be free

    Thank you! I'm glad you like what I have to say. Day 91: Well, I've made it past the 90 day mark! I'll give a recent progress report and then reflect on my journey overall. Recent progress: The other night as we were beginning sex, my partner reached for the lube automatically. I stopped...
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    Taking Back Control

    Don't let your disappointment get you down! Keep up the good work, and remind yourself of all the important reasons why you're doing this reboot in the first place. Get yourself re-inspired. You got this!
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    Excited to be free

    Day 86: Still struggling with maintaining arousal during sex. I think one aspect of it is that I'm easily distractible, which is not a good recipe for building that kind of sustained arousal that can only come from solid focus. I'm not sure what to do - meditation will help with my focus in the...
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    Becoming the person I need to be

    It may help to remind yourself of why you are on this journey in the first place. Does PMO make you happy? Does it make you a better person? When you look back on your life from your deathbed, will you be grateful for all the hours you put into it? Does it connect you more to your spirituality...
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    1 year of Hard-Mode. Rewiring failure?

    There's nothing wrong with you - just keep rewiring! There are two parts to this process: 1. the Reboot, in which you starve the porn monster & heal your brain, and 2. the Rewire, in which you train your brain to find real-world sexual activity arousing. You said you had been only Rebooting...
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    Why do I keep self destructing?

    Most of the advice on this forum is something along the lines of "improve the rest of your life, and the porn will stop being such a big issue" and I honestly think that's true. If you get rid of a habit without replacing it with anything, then you'll be sitting around feeling the lack of the...
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    Excited to be free

    Day 83: Still going strong. I haven't MO'd in awhile, not out of any strong willpower, just because I haven't felt the need. (Having regular sex is nice that way.) Initially I didn't understand why everyone on this forum was recommending meditation so much. What does meditation have to do with...
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    20 Something Reboot

    Good luck!
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    4 months porn free. It gets hard but still goes down

    Part of your problem is that you're fantasizing about P in order to climax. Even if you are not literally using porn, your brain doesn't know the difference. It thinks you're still using porn, and you're not going to reboot this way. You would probably benefit from the mantra "If it's not real...