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    Yeah it can be bewildering how we can end up misprioritizing our social opportunities. Thanks for checking back in! :)
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    Starting my journey

    ^You don't have to go this far dude, don't worry. But next time it feels like you can't sleep without relapsing, do some other activities to distract yourself from the urges and get you exhausted enough to fall asleep faster
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    Becoming more productive

    It is, but it's definitely worth it, and you're definitely capable of accomplishing it!
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    Let’s Not Waist Another Day

    Adding journaling onto your roster of strategies can be the boost that you need, and your idea to use it in moments of urge is a great one. In addition to visiting, I'd suggest to find as many activities as you can that can be done shortly before bed. You mentioned yoga/breathing/meditating...
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    Taking back my dignity

    @canguro hey dude, how have things been?
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    Avoiding fast food is a good principle to have in general, and it sounds like you have a bonus incentive to do so. I'd recommend trying to tire yourself out with a decent activity, in order to get yourself closer to sleep and distract yourself from those sexual thoughts. Thank you for coming...
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    Unforeseen light at the end of the tunnel

    You're off to a great start, keep it up! If it helps, act as if those other women who you used to follow also deleted their accounts. Another strategy that could be useful is considering the possible reasons why the last woman actually did delete her account. Maybe she became more uncomfortable...
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    I've had similar problems with focusing too much on hypothetical scenarios too (both good and bad ones), as well as having paranoia regarding the opinions that other people have of me. You being aware of those things and making an active effort to snap out of them is a good sign
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    That part of you will never be satisfied. Resetting the counter once isn't enough; it'll do its damnedest to send you down an awful path. Your shotgun strategy is interesting, I hope that it works well for you I've felt similar mentalities before in my own porn-consuming days, and I'm still in...
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    Becoming a better me

    I'll give it a shot, in a decently realistic way. I'm not sure yet whether or not I'm going to work tomorrow, so I'll just go with "yes" on that. I wake up with a plentiful amount of energy despite waking up only 20.5 hours earlier. I make time for breakfast, and avoid my weird erection...
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    Becoming the person I need to be

    Congrats on all of the progress that you've made so far! Your journal is one of my favorites, thank you for teaching me some new things and contributing to this site and movement :)
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    To Infinity and Beyond (M, 25)

    You are by no means the first person here to disregard their own advice (I've done it myself too in fact), so don't get too hard on yourself over it. Please continue to graciously give your advice, and to remind yourself of its importance in your own journey. I also occasionally feel my...
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    Excited to be free

    Thank you for having such a well-written, thorough, and interesting journal, and congrats on your progress so far!
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    One of the Good Ones

    Yeah, the effects of COVID precautions on porn addiction recovery can be very frustrating. Spending time here and in other online communities is nice, but admittedly it's only a partial solution to the isolation issue (an issue who's reason for existence is dubious, but that's a different...
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    One of the Good Ones

    Hi DJ, it's nice to meet you. I'm noticing plenty of parallels between you and me: We both learned about this website from Fight The New Drug We both began our porn habit 10 years ago when we were 12 We've both felt isolated from women and had problems with objectifying them We're both well...