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    Think I Need Some Expert Opinions

    I'm engaged to be married and will be getting married in May.  My fiance wanted to know if I wanted to play around and take pictures and/or videos of her.  Nudes of course.  I love and only have eyes for her.  We are intimate virtually on a daily basis.  Would taking and looking at the pictures...
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    Should I Tell Her?

    I've been with the same woman going on three months now.  I love her more than any woman I have even been with.  She means everything to me.  I was PMO free for a couple of weeks before I met her.  Two months into the relationship I had a relapse and PMO'd for about two weeks.  I finally told...
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    David S Journal

    My Father introduced me to porn when I was six.  He threw a Playboy at me and told me to look at the naked broads.  From that point I loved looking a naked women.  I was introduced to Internet porn in my 20's.  Internet Porn (first pictures than videos) change everything for me.  I could not get...