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    Masturbating in my sleep?!

    For the past two nights, and during a few in the past month or so, I have woken up in the middle of the night masturbating in the prone position as I used to. I usually awake to find myself erect and about to or close to O, and it feels as if I've been going at it for a few minutes. I...
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    Psychology article refutes PIED theroy

    Did a Google search on PIED and found this psychology article (link below) by Dr. David Ley titled "An Erectile Dysfunction Myth" which seems to refute the concept of relating extended porn use to the inability to gain full or partial erections with human partners rather than pornography. The...
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    Recovering as a team - PIED

    Hey guys, I previously posted my journal in the "teens" section of the forum, but as I'm coming up on my 20th and the 20-29 section is much more active, I'd like to move over to here. I started PMO probably around the age of 13/14 and quickly adopted the prone position. I began to notice...
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    19 y/o, new to the game

    Hello all! After learning more on I decided to quit PMO completely in mid January. I'm doing alright, I am flatlining but I have no desire to watch porn or masturbate anymore so I guess that is good. I'll get morning wood once in a while and sometimes my dreams will be...
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    Reeboting but confused, need help!!

    Hey guys, I am about six weeks into rebooting (now March, started mid January). I am not counting days. Anyhow, I definitely have PIED fairly bad. I PMO'd to online porn for years, mostly in the prone position. I am ready to do whatever it takes to get back to a healthy state of mind. I am...