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    I need to up my game.

    That Just hold on brother, the day is almost over. That moment when it get's really difficult, I'd say that is the moment of change. If you have to, I'd say get out of the house until you feel normal again, so you don't sit behind a screen. Keep mind and body busy like running crazy and...
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    Hardest Part Is Restarting

    Ah I see. The good thing is you don't peak. I am not sure if this could help you a bit. Do you know multitasking does not exist? The brain cannot do two things at the same time. What really happens is that the brain switches from one task to another task so it looks like people can multi task...
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    I need to up my game.

    Hello Phineas, thank you. Good to see you too! I haven't decided yet to start a new journal as I suffer from stress when responding to messages or write my journal. For me it is also time consuming when responding to messages. I must focus and avoid stress as much as possible. I will sometimes...
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    I need to up my game.

    Have you an idea or clue what didn't work for you after reading the book?
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    Hardest Part Is Restarting

    I read the Easypease book as you did too. It looks like temptation is still happening here and there. However are you really sure you did not peek or did something that ignited the chain reaction of urges?
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    Hardest Part Is Restarting

    Hello Gigili, my apologize for my late respond. I suffer stress sometimes when being here on this forum. Therefore I avoid responding or writing as stress is for me the main cause of relapsing. You are correct. It is everywhere. However there is a way that helps me. I figured out for myself...
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    I need to up my game.

    Hello Escapeandnevercomeback, I read quick through your treat. I am glad you are back as one of my mistakes was leaving rebootnation. Although at the moment I am not active here. Feeling a failure and ashamed while I could have received all the help I needed on the forum. I see you were able to...
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    When the porn remains in the brain after quitting . . .

    Hello Jeks, I like your post. Unfortunate I have the same problem as you. However I only was able to reach 81 days monk mode by not looking at women on the street. I look away quick. When I watch a movie and see pretty girl scene, I close my eyes till the scene is gone. On youtube when I browse...
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    Hardest Part Is Restarting

    Hello MashuSan, my apologize for my late respond. I do not use rebootnation much anymore. What you describe is what I and most of us are facing. My last streak was 81 days. I made 1 mistake peeking and I haven't been able to surpass 32 days. I did become much stronger with 81 days. Perhaps you...
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    New study on porn and those who watch

    I agree about the childish behaviour and using porn to deal with emotions. Thanks for the insight ladies! I need to work on myself. I used to be tough, fearless, fighting bigger guys. I'm sorry to hear Aimee. Real men should never hit a women or treat her like that, even if he is addicted. This...
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    Hardest Part Is Restarting

    Hello Mashusan, so you did manages to reach a streak of 7 months? That is impressive! Don't be hard on yourself. May I ask you something? I wonder if in those 7 months, did you at least had a streak of 4 months monk mode? No p. No p-subs. Nothing. That means everything that arouses you, must be...
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    Is worth quitting porn/masturbation if you gonna die a virgin?

    Hello, yes is my answer. I believe porn is the cause of you missing out things. Because this was the reason for me being a virgin. It damage my self confidence, courage and belief in myself. All I had to do was having the courage to talk to girls I like and ask them out. 19 years is not old but...
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    My strategy is to avoid cue's, urges, cravings from happening

    Hello everyone, My post and reboot is not finished yet but I decided with thanks to two people giving their feedback to make a treat just in case it could help someone. I will update when I got time. Feel free to post your questions and ideas, thank you. Side note: I am single and I suffer...
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    The recoverynation workshops and the black mailing technique

    Hello everyone, After almost 5 years I still struggle with porn addiction. I am back at rebootnation and this time I will follow the recoverynation program. I should have done this in the beginning. Anyway I will update my recovery here unless I change my mind. Currently me and a friend are...
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    Porn filter does help, however I lack motivation and will power. Reset again!

    Hello dudes! After my last post 120 days ago, unfortunate I wasn't able to control myself. The porn filter works but I lack motivation and will power and felt in depression. When I try to search a hot picture or find a bypass just to test myself out, I already lost the battle. This post is to...