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    Coitus Reservatus

    "Sexual interaction is comparable to water and fire. Water and fire can kill man or help him, depending on how they are used." ?Pao, the plain master So I have been reading many posts by woman on here about their recovering s/o and how a lot of them are now dealing with ED, or can not have...
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    I am thankful

    For this website For all my fellow rebooters For my girlfriend For my friends For skating For everyone fighting against this addiction and the ones fighting against the P industry For all the warriors fighting to reclaim their humanity. Thank you and god bless!
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    Girlfriend issues???

    So though out my relationship I pretty much was addicted to PMO but also always wanted to have sex with my girl and did successfully everytime, always able to get it up albeit not 100%, the pleasure was def there though. Very attracted to her sex was great.  Now Im going hard mode and I havent...
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    Some food for thought based on 2 weeks of being PMO free

    Hi I have made it 2 weeks PMO free! I have been addicted to P from 14 years old to 27 years old. In the past 2 weeks I have had sex with my gf about 5 times including BJ's without ejaculating once! (no bluballz) My PIED has probably had a 50% recovery in those 2 weeks. Thats right guys no...