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    This is like the hundred time I tried to give it up

    Don't give it up !!!!
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    Question about relapse.

    i would say no , u haven't lost ur progress but ur in danger of getting into a loop....u just have to close it in & get back to whatever you were doing in the previous months.
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    Been one day since I started nofap and I need help!!

    hang in there buddy , it gets better with time.
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    What's the cause of your continuing porn addiction?

    have have tried reaching out to a professional, such as a therapist?
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    Warning to all members and the administrator

    I've never had this happen before, but after not logging in for a couple of months, I was surprised to discover spam right away when I returned to the forum.
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    Give me some courage!

    having a partner has proven very helpful to most guys , but there are a thousands other users who have successfully rebooted without a partner. Reading good books and watching positively stimulating TV are all good strategies, can you pin point how you failed ? i find it useful to figure out how...
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    Help me please. SOS

    Hey Jordan, your story is very similar to most of us , porn has also devastated me socially, i have changed from being cool to weird because of porn, i can't even look people in the eye, its been hell, however i press on, just as Gabe said if your going through hell keep going , you should...
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    Give me some courage!

    What has been your general approach/strategy so far ?
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    How do you deal with urges & triggers

    hey gents , i lost my notes/ can you please share your experiences on how to best deal with urges and triggers. I have to make new notes.
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    How do i tell people i have an addiction

    ok guys , i need pointers on how best can i tell people about this problem.