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    don jon

    Lads I watched don jon lads its a must watch its about a porn problem and he has an empty feeling during sex what we all feel is this film trying to leave a message to people let me know what ye thing im starting my reboot again.
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    ed flatline no really interest in oposite sex slight touch of hocd

    Well guys I hit 50 days, report hocd not as bad but when I have a bad day dont talk to me, slight morning woods 1 wet dream, feel awful disconnected to women lately can seem to communicate with them, is the brain fog? My reboot is talking longer then expected I suppose my ed with women gos on...
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    porn and hocd

    hey dudes mine is a long story found porn at a young age say 7 or 8 so masturbation was part of my life for a long time. as i got older i had a gay expierience but it meant nothing to me cause i didnt understand sex. it was mainly images i jerked off to so the years went on struggled to get...