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    The best thing you can read against PMO !

    :-* Gentlemen, I feel angry when I see how determined you are to quit porn and how many times you have fallen into the trap. What I want to say is that it must be very hard for your mindset to fail again and again and again. All people who come to Reboot Nation must be here only for a few time...
  2. Anti-porn FR

    I really need encouragement

    A small post to ask for support from the community. I can't say no to porn anymore. Yesterday, in a journal I created a few weeks ago, I had just shared my firm intention to restart and be strict in my withdrawal. To end up jerking off half the night... In short, I have to rekindle this...
  3. Anti-porn FR

    We will achieve freedom, be sure! (journal)

    I just achieved my record of days without PMO yesterday. 13 days exactly. Relapse is one of the most terrible things in the sense that I find myself lost when it happens to me. I masturbated 3 times on the day of the relapse and 3 times today ... Horrible feeling and what a bad night was...
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    Hi, guys. Following a topic I posted earlier, I faced another problem in my addiction : I can't exceed a psychological limit of around 10 days without porn. I would like some advices to achieve more ambitious goals. Thank you in advance.
  5. Anti-porn FR

    A BIG demotivation

    First, I'm so sorry for different mistakes I made writting this story. I point out that I'm a boy even if google traduction do wrong traduction making myself a girl. Hello everyone, Like most people my age (17), the first pornographic image I saw in my life was 11 years old. From that year, at...