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    Changing for the Best

    8 days. Things are going really well. I have been sexually active with my wife as we are on the second round of trying and I don’t feel any pressure or anxiety to perform and it brings us closer together. I haven't really had any problems with large urges but they have come up in small amounts...
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    Changing for the Best

    I decided to change the title of my thread today. I felt the old title was given by a person who was desperate for help and not sure what to do or where to find it. Now that I have been working the system and really putting in effort to improve myself I wanted to put forth a title that reflects...
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    My journey to be a better man.

    I'm sorry things are tough for you right now, Guitar. I have started therapy myself and I can feel that it has done wonders with how I interact with my wife and my attitude towards life. There is always hope. It is true that relationships take work and right now I'm sure it seems hard to keep...
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    Taking back my dignity

    Definitely! I have felt in bad moods before and that I didn't have the will or energy to go out and get some fresh air and exercise to find that upon actually getting outside it changed my mood completely. It's easy to stay inside with your depression and not even realize that even though you...
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    What you give is what you get (I went 580 days. Relapsed. Finally back on track.

    It sounds like a lot of your inner monologue is coming from a place of loneliness or fear of being with yourself. I understand how it can be difficult during this time of recovery to want to be with yourself; that it brings this fear of slipping into PMO or M habits. Maybe take some time to do...
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    This time I have to quit it for good!

    That's awesome! Congratulations on breaking a 100 day streak! Keep it up!
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    Changing for the Best

    My wife and I have been spending much more time together these past couple days. She's had her first break from school in a long time and we actually have time to spend together over a couple of week days. We went on a hike yesterday and had a great time. When we came back home we had a back to...
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    Changing for the Best

    Feeling better today. Been actively reading on the forum and getting some inspiration to renew my goals. Since I’ve been working from home and recovering from my broken bone I have spent much more time at home in a lull. I used to be very active and that was stalled during my recovery from...
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    Changing for the Best

    I confessed to my wife today about my recent slip up and although I’m ultimately glad I did it was an emotional tour de force. We talked a lot about how in the past I would use porn and fantasy to help me achieve climax even during sex with my now wife but girlfriend at the time. She felt used...
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    Changing for the Best

    I’m starting my count over due to the MO session I had the other day from some P sub material. I want to be honest with myself and not downplay the experience for what it is. I’ve felt some hesitancy to post out of embarrassment but I can’t let it ruin this good thing I have going for my...
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    This has to stop. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

    I let this same action be my downfall a couple days ago. I let MO before that become too regular of a thing and let P subs convince me to act out. Still no straight up PMO but it doesn’t feel honest to say it wasn’t pretty much the same if I use fantasy later on to MO to. I appreciate all of...
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    Changing for the Best

    Been doing okay lately, it’s been hard though. I had some porn sub and fantasy issues due to random images and video advertisements on a website from a link sent to me by work email. I’ve been feeling good about pushing away those things from my daily life but I guess this one caught me off...
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    My Journey to Reboot

    I understand about anger reactions. I have been trying to get into a daily habit of meditating in the morning. I feel like it helps me prep myself for whatever stress might occur that day. I’m glad that you were able to have some closure with your wife and at least take some of the marital...
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    Anyone struggling with anger management too?

    Thank you guys for your replies! I started seeing a therapist and now two sessions in. I‘ve been trying to get into the habit of meditating everyday but having trouble with being consistent due to my work schedule. I suppose I should make it an evening habit also when I can’t get some time in...
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    Changing for the Best

    I wanted to share this thread by Phineas 808: 16 Principles of Recovery. I found it very helpful and a great reminder of things you can forget about when you have urges or experience triggers/cues.
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    That's awesome dude! Glad you both are seeing positive results!

    That's awesome dude! Glad you both are seeing positive results!
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    Changing for the Best

    35 days free of porn and I feel pretty good. I did MO a few days ago but tried to block out those porn fantasy memories from my head and focus on the feeling instead. I was worried that I might feel a chaser effect from it and come away feeling the pressure to use again but I have more reached a...
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    My journey to be a better man.

    Keep working that process! You have had 6 months of mental rehab and you don't just erase that with one MO. Sure, it can feel like a relapse, but you have had such amazing progress throughout and it will help to keep acknowledging that as you continue forward.
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    Proof that hardmode/rewire work.

    This is really awesome! I am awed by your discipline and progress! Reading your story and transformation is fantastic motivation. How great it is to have love in your life and a woman who supports you! I also have a very loving and supportive wife and that definitely helps to be able to be open...
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    A way back to the light

    Congrats on being over 1 week clean! I found that setting realistic achievable goals for myself, recognizing my triggers, and creating a plan of what to do to combat them makes all the difference. I was prone to relapse before I committed to doing these things for myself. Now I feel I'm to far...