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  1. Aussie_85

    Debilitating Horrible Withdrawals - The #1 Relapse Cause?

    Hey nation, since finding out about this addiction in 2012…almost a decade ago, I’ve been unable to quit. I’ve done one 94 day hard mode reboot while I was single (2012) and a few shorter runs, this is currently my best streak since the 94 dayer, and I’m not even sure what day I’m on…I’m...
  2. Aussie_85

    Porn Session Duration Poll

    Hey Nation! It would be very interesting to get an average of how long the communities viewing sessions were. Please vote! You don't have to post a reply if your to busy, can't be bothered or are uncomfortable sharing your information. Just simply click on the closest time your average...
  3. Aussie_85

    Penis Damage From PMO?

    Hey nation, Just wanted to throw this out there as I'm interested if anyone else has done damage to their penis from excessive death gripping/PMO'ing over the years. Now when i say damage I'm not talking about peyronie's disease, or bending / breaking or causing any structural damage to your...
  4. Aussie_85

    35 - Heavily Addicted for 15 years - No ED?

    Hey guys so as the title states i don't have PIED, luckily. My addiction is severe, Hours of edging daily (5 - 7 hours usually) , hardcore withdrawals when i do abstain, escalation over the years to extreme material, nearly all of the other negative impacts this addiction can have....just not...
  5. Aussie_85

    Reboot Journal

    Hey guys, I first discovered the nofap/YBOP community around 6 or so years ago. At that time i was in my late twenties, living in my bedroom at my parents house, unemployed, no car, single, no life. My days literally revolved around edging for insane amounts of time - at least 7 or so hours a...