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  1. submissivetoGod

    ZERO DAY/2 - does a fall after many days of hardmode compromise the recovery?

    If many ask, I have my answer that it is not universal: after having built 123 days of total PMO stop, I feel that I just have to start over, I have no sense of guilt or shame, I have no PIED problems, I do not have them never actually had, I didn't feel drained. So I feel that my 123 day...
  2. submissivetoGod

    ZERO DAY - new fall...

    I start again from this fall which occurred after 123 days of PMO stop. Why did it happen? Excess of opioid drugs to calm the pain of degenerative arthritis. My inhibitions have collapsed under the pressure of drugs. For now I can not do without these drugs, it will be a tough battle. With a...
  3. submissivetoGod

    122 DAY - I'm not cured, I'm just abstinent

    The most common mistake is to believe that after years, decades of PMO, it is enough to do a couple of rewiring of 90 days to be said to be cured of PIED and then, within a few months, if not weeks, if not days, as evidenced in many here on reebootnation, fall back into PMO. Today more than...
  4. submissivetoGod

    116 Day - I had a transex dream

    Stai sempre attento. Chi avrebbe mai pensato, dopo 116 giorni di totale astinenza da PMO, che avrei fatto un sogno trans vivido ed emozionante? Le sinapsi sono sempre lì, strade dove un tempo passavano le droghe, la dopamina esagerata, che oggi cercano il loro traffico stimolando la mia...
  5. submissivetoGod

    DAY 113 - Porn has become ridiculous to me

    Aspettavo che accadesse ed è successo. Oggi ho pensato a come fossi schiavo del porno, dei video fake, inventati solo per agganciare le mie sinapsi in una spirale continua. Falso, in effetti! Irreale! E non essendo reale, ero intrappolato come i personaggi nella grotta di Platone che si...
  6. submissivetoGod


    These days I am experiencing a tragedy: I saw my woman fall and violently bang her face against a stone and I could not intervene because she was three meters below me, in a descent in the mountains. I saved her crying, for a moment she stood still ... I thought I'd lose her forever. Luckily it...
  7. submissivetoGod

    101 Day - Gratification effect

    In my case, the urges to get back on the terrible path of PMO, now beyond 90 days of rewiring, simply mean that my brain is asking for a reward for the success achieved. It is a subtle trap, very dangerous. Be careful.
  8. submissivetoGod

    Day 97 - Sudden storm of porn images from the brain

    I have been in wood morning for a few days. My woman and I have been in karezza and other harder situations. I no longer have PIED problems, no desire to review trans sexual images that I still felt between 40 and 50 days of PMO stop. Erection is returning with simple kisses, which are much more...
  9. submissivetoGod

    Day 96: Talking about his sexual fantasies to my woman.

    I finally managed to talk about my sexual fantasies to my woman. For health reasons, she cannot receive penetration at the moment, but she is happy to share new experiences of Karezza even thrusts. The sensation was strong, I had a very hard wood only imagining with her moving physical...
  10. submissivetoGod

    90 DAY completed!!! What has changed?

    Today is 90 days of hardmode. I am still flatline, but with karezza I have no problems with PIED or desire. Only the morning wood struggles to return, but it is a good sign. On the other hand, from 12 to 49 years, so 13505 days, I held an average of 1 M per day, and for at least 9000 days I...
  11. submissivetoGod

    DAY 80... I'm home alone and don't feel like PMO

    Prima, non appena ero solo, mi sono sbiadito male e mi sono nascosto come un insetto nei buchi del muro. Oggi, per la prima volta, non sento il bisogno di mentire a me stesso e alle persone che amo e che vivo con me. Questa casa è il tempio della rinascita del mio nuovo io, la rispetterò senza...
  12. submissivetoGod

    80 day stop PMO! Postive persistence of flatlines

    Dear rebootnation friends, after my first 90 day streak completed in 2020, it is 569 days since I took over my PMO addiction, and in my 2nd 80 day streak, I am very positively evaluating the flatline. It is an indispensable help not to feel perpetually excited and I have finally become aware...
  13. submissivetoGod

    90 days without PMO is just the first step

    I agree with those who commented that after 90 days it almost always returns to addiction. Applies to all ages. The problem is that rewiring doesn't eliminate pornotoxicity. The aim is not the 90-day reboot. The reboot is like the service of the car before leaving on a PMO-free journey that will...
  14. submissivetoGod

    DAY 67 - I stopped a PMO dream

    Last night I dreamed that I let myself be taken by PMO. The dream was very vivid. At one point I reminded myself, in the dream, that I couldn't get drunk. I felt sick in my stomach, and I woke up. I believe this is also part of the healing process.
  15. submissivetoGod

    PMO withdrawal causes you to smell sexual a lot!

    Day 66 I recently noticed a sharpening of my sense of smell because I feel very strong the intimate smells of my woman that have easily led me to an erection. I consider this a success, an important part of healing.
  16. submissivetoGod

    Don't hide it, confess it! ... to your son?

    Many say that confessing to your partner your devastating PMO addiction is difficult, if not impossible. And if you have teenagers who are about to discover sex, isn't that just as difficult? How can you warn them of the dangers of PMO by hiding their addiction? It wouldn't be honest.
  17. submissivetoGod

    It is not true that total circumcision after the age of 40 takes away the sensitivity!

    In 2013 after circumcision for health reasons, my glans was hypersensitive to oral and manual stimulation. After fapping for 8 years without big stops, I lost 70% of that initial pleasure. I didn't want to admit to myself that PMO was the cause, like an alcoholic who doesn't admit that alcohol...
  18. submissivetoGod

    I wanted to RAPE WOMEN when PMO was out of control

    I admit I fantasized about raping women for PMO-induced hypersexualization. That's why I felt like shit. Sometimes I know you want to be raped. Where is the pleasure and love in these horrible thoughts? Where the healthy manhood? I was afraid to turn my fantasies into reality, thanks to this...
  19. submissivetoGod

    Porn images in the brain database

    After several strips following my first 90 day reboot, now on my 61st, I realized that the porn images deposited in the brain are indelible. The danger is to reactivate them easily. They appear when you don't want them, more than when you want them during abstinence.