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  1. forestwater

    Cool Tool for Rebooting and Rewiring

    Recently I've read several conversations here that go along these lines: Guy 1: I can't get it up for sex with my wife, and I don't want to disappoint her. Guy 2: How about you try focusing on her pleasure for awhile (fingering, cunnilingus, etc.) while you rewire? Guy 1: Yes, but sometimes all...
  2. forestwater

    Pondering on the lack of women here

    I've noticed that I'm pretty much the only woman posting here on a regular basis. That seems strange to me, given how high the statistics are for porn use in women. Why is this forum mostly men? My hypotheses: Women aren't expected by society to use porn, so women who have this problem are...
  3. forestwater

    Excited to be free

    I posted this in the 20-29 group before I realized there was a category dedicated to women. Hello! My story: I grew up very religious, and porn was considered one of the evils of our generation. I fully believed that until I grew up and left my religion, at which point I thought all the...
  4. forestwater

    Woman trying this out

    Most of this website and forum feel very geared towards men, but men aren't the only people with problems from PMO. My anatomy may be slightly different from the majority of people here, but I hope I will still be able to gain some help and advice. My story: I grew up very religious, and porn...