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  1. Oscar40

    Here we go again

    Hello. Weelcome. Yes : The Internet porn are enough to pacify our sex drive in the convenience of a few left-handed clicks. You know what they say; give a brain a pair of opposable thumbs and it will work out of a way to please itself by means so revoltingly excessive not even a David...
  2. Oscar40

    Pornstars to hookers to freedom

    Hello That depends on the culture you belong to. I am from a Latin American country Here, it is very normal to go to the prostitutes. In this country and in the rest of Latin America, prostitution is legal. In fact, HERE in Latin America the parents take their children to prostitutes to...
  3. Oscar40

    Interesting Article:

    The new article en the twitter account from Your Brain on Porn Twitter: I recomend. I found this article on the Your Brain on Porn twitter account. I found it very interesting. Summary: Well, you know what they say; give a...
  4. Oscar40

    afraid I have a non-reversible PIED

    Calm down, don't think about that. Being libido-free is the best thing there is because it allows one to focus on other things in life other than sexuality. In my way of seeing things, I really enjoy when I am without interest in sex (without libido) because it allows me to enjoy other things...
  5. Oscar40

    Just want to survive

    I said the same thing a long time ago, and yet, look at me here calmly with my normal life and 100% cured. This is nothing but paranoia my dear friend, hypochondria and paranoia. Mild or severe PIED are cured by reboot after a while. To cure PIED you just have to rest from all forms of sexual...
  6. Oscar40

    Just want to survive

    Not necessarily. I still watch porn (very little, very occasionally every 6 months or every 8 months), however, my PIED totally disappeared. Well, although I make it clear that I started PMO very late in life: I started at almost 25 years old, even without internet at that time, I watched it on...
  7. Oscar40

    Just want to survive

    Very good advice. Yes, that has nothing to do with having seen porn before. That's absurd. You have given him good advice. That's the idea.
  8. Oscar40

    Just want to survive

    how old are you? From what I read in your posts, your problems have nothing to do with PMO, but rather, you are a person who is getting ideas in your head, which are only generating anxiety and paranoia (hypochondria). That should not be the purpose of the reset. The purpose of the reset...
  9. Oscar40

    afraid I have a non-reversible PIED

    Look at it this way: PIED (EXCESS porn induced sexual dysfunction) is simply "tired", "overstimulated" "excessive amount of orgasms from masturbating a lot". Way to go: Take a long break. That's what the guys call "RESET". Restarting is simply "resting" from any form of sexual stimulation...
  10. Oscar40

    afraid I have a non-reversible PIED

    I was much more compulsive than you, and yet I was cured in just 40 days. In fact, I currently use porn sometimes and my libido is normal. I advise you to seek a doctor because the problem is elsewhere and it is not due to PMO in your case
  11. Oscar40

    Is my disfunction PIED or depression

    @Alex R. I´m complety safe its Depression. The problems from Excesive masturbation and porn end almost 3 months. I say this because I still watch and use porn, however my libido is great. Currently I do not consider myself addicted because I learned to moderate consumption, I had PIED when...
  12. Oscar40

    Is it pied or varicocele

    @Alex R. Hello. First of all: What is PIED for you? Do you know what you mean? I want to know that first from you to know if you have clear ideas and thus be able to advise you.
  13. Oscar40

    Flatlining after orgasms to sex?

    There are studies and evidence that indicate that erectile dysfunction pills are responsible for affecting the natural erection in men. I have never taken a pill for erectile dysfunction. Thanks to the fact that I have never taken it, I know my abilities very well and I accept my body and its...
  14. Oscar40

    After 90 days libido didn't come back

    @Rcgarcia libido changes with age too. That's normal. Just today, for example, I am approximately 13 months into a full hardmode reboot. However, I don't walk around with a stick under my pants. My advice to you is, find out what your true drive is today, without looking at how things were in...
  15. Oscar40

    You Shall Not Pass!!!!!

    The "Your Brain On Porn" website has been very important to me too, I could say it opened my eyes and taught me that excessive sexual stimulation and a "masturbatory" sex life with porn can negatively affect the ability to sexual response of a person, mainly a man. For me, it is one of the...
  16. Oscar40

    You Shall Not Pass!!!!!

    Hello. My goal is for people not to suffer and to restart calmly, without so much paranoia, without the pessimism of believing that "they will never be cured". The problem is that I see a lot of hypochondria and paranoia in these forums, apparently it does more harm to people than good. The...
  17. Oscar40

    PAWS or 2nd flatline?

    Please, for the love of god, don't believe in these things. If you notice well, serious forums don't talk about PAWS for porn addicts. PAWS is one of the most speculative and pointless topics that could have been given in recent times. Above all, in invaluable forums such as the NOFAP.COM...
  18. Oscar40

    After 90 days libido didn't come back

    It is very normal for libido to come and go. Calm. Sometimes I also lose it for several days, and then it comes back. Libido is like the wind I think. Goes and comes. Even in women these fluctuations are more constant, and in men too. You can take 3000 days of reboot that will not make you...
  19. Oscar40


    At my age (40) I think that extremes in life confuse the human being. In my way of seeing things, moderation is the key to being happy. At least it has worked for me. However, this is my very personal opinion. Don't follow my example. If you think getting away from that completely will make you...
  20. Oscar40

    You Shall Not Pass!!!!!

    It's okay. However, what I do not share with you is that you say that " "I may never fully recover ". Calm down: I have used more porn than you in my life, even today I still have my videos and photos, but reducing its consumption (once or twice a year) has helped me a lot and I cured myself...