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  1. weakbecomeheroess

    Bacc @ it again

    Bacc @ it again
  2. weakbecomeheroess

    Fight Tratton Fight

    Fight Tratton Fight
  3. weakbecomeheroess

    Quitting once and for all

    Let's go man!! Tomorrow is my last day 1 too!
  4. weakbecomeheroess

    Not NoFap related but important

    I can relate. I'm getting over a breakup too. Just stay strong, we're here for you as a community. I'm here for you!
  5. weakbecomeheroess

    Here We Go!

    So today I really needed to focus on school because I have a ton of homework due Friday but of course I messed it up. I woke up so late because I feel so tired all the time these days because of PMO. Then, at around 5, I saw one of my neighbours walking around outside. I find her attractive, and...
  6. weakbecomeheroess

    Day 0: New beginnings

    Day 0: New beginnings
  7. weakbecomeheroess

    Day 43

    Let's go!!
  8. weakbecomeheroess

    Hi guys!

    Thank you!!
  9. weakbecomeheroess

    Hi guys!

    Hi, my name is Tratton (weird name right?) and I'm 17 living in Kenya, Africa. Anyways I've been here for about a month now and the last 3 days have been tough, I've relapsed 3 times in each of them, so today I decided to get back on track. I did some research on how to make yourself stronger in...