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  1. Shreezy

    Journal of my long journey

    The best way to deal with withdrawal is meditation, workout and engaging in any hobbies the rest of the time. Also, put up cleanbrowsing family DNS on your phone + blockerx app (If you need it). Check out AthleanX's channel on Youtube for good workouts and exercises with proper form and...
  2. Shreezy

    Reboot Journal.

    Day 8 - I made the mistake of bringing my phone into the bedroom and opening reddit on it (that's my weakness, NSFW subs). As I proceeded to look at some very limited posts on reddit for 2-3 minutes and then subsequently opening a video sub where I was not able to watch the videos due to DNS...
  3. Shreezy

    Reboot Journal.

    Day 7 - Exam was moderate. I did good. No PMO.
  4. Shreezy

    Dil na-ummeed to nahi nakaam hi to hai, lambi hai ghum ki shaam magar shaam hi to hai. ~Faiz...

    Dil na-ummeed to nahi nakaam hi to hai, lambi hai ghum ki shaam magar shaam hi to hai. ~Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Translation- The heart isn't hopeless, it's just disappointed, lengthy are my evening grieves but at the end it's just an evening.
  5. Shreezy

    Reboot Journal.

    Day 6 - I was revising for my exam which is due tomorrow. I am feeling goddamn stressed so I logged in here to post this. I took a drop year instead of college to prepare for this examination and I was not able to revise properly since I gave myself only a few days to revise two-years worth of...
  6. Shreezy

    Reboot Journal.

    Day 3 - Great day. No PMO.
  7. Shreezy

    Striving to be better (journal)

    Great Job man!
  8. Shreezy

    Reboot Journal.

    Day 2 - Everything is going pretty good. I have been meditating a bit. Also, I have an exam (for which I have been preparing for the last 1.5 years) in 5 days (on 27th). I might update about how I have efficiently blocked everything on my laptop (with a password that a friend has) while...
  9. Shreezy

    Reboot Journal.

    Might not update daily, since I will be busy studying for some upcoming examinations. But I will give my 100% and break this addiction in one go hopefully. Peace. I am also looking for an accountability partner, hopefully about my age. I am 19.
  10. Shreezy

    **Accountability Partner Requests**

    Hey, I am a 19 year old preparing for engineering examinations and looking for an accountability partner. Anyone , hopefully around my age, would be great.