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    Rewired documentary

    Page to raise money for the documentary. Spread the word.
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    no PMO November challenge, 2021

    Guys if you are looking for a start, a little more motivation, join the challenge below. I have followed Dr. Trish Leigh you tube channel and course, and I think she is great. She is very structured in her process and I found it very practical and insightful. As she says - control your...
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    why do some people do not become addicted to porn

    I want to know why some people do and some people don't become addicted to porn with the same usage? If dopamine is such a driving chemical causing all this and porn is a super natural stimulant, why do some (most ) people escape it? Is there any research around this point?
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    Return to reality

    Day 1: I am staring my journey today, Aug 26 2021. I am making an admission today that I am addicted. I am accepting today that I feel trapped. I am concluding that I can't do it myself and I need help. I do not feel ashamed, but I do not have the courage to share this with my friends and...