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    101 days without PMO

    I made it to 101 days of NOFAP during this time I have had a couple of experiences with escorts and sometimes a bit of edging but I have never come with masturbation My life has improved socially I am less shy and more sociable and I have less difficulty in relating to others even with women my...
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    Guys unfortunately I have relapsed I write it because I know that it can happen and I do not have to break down for this from the mistakes you learn the important thing is not to be total addicts I was 60 days without masturbation today watching a video I fell back on it
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    My brain works better and i am more focused

    I open this thread only to tell my personal experience not using porn and related masturbation I feel much better in my brain I can concentrate better I immediately find the answer to any type of problem and I am much more mentally reactive than before where instead a sometimes I felt like I was...
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    Sex to help

    I'm on day 33 with no porn or masturbation but on day 22 I had a paid occasional encounter because I couldn't stand it anymore without ejaculating I'm still not watching porn or masturbating but I think some sex at least from time to time it is necessary unfortunately I am alone and I do not...
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    New life

    Hi guys I am new to the forum I am 20 days without pornography and masturbation and I can tell you that I have already seen many improvements especially from the mental point of view I am more active and lucid less anxious and in general the more alive I have better relationships with people and...