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    Flatlining after orgasms to sex?

    Does anyone get this? I've had to start using cialis 5mg but don't want to rely on pills. I've not watched porn in 6 months and had streaks over a year and months before this too. Sometimes I can have sex without pills but it's more difficult. I'm losing hope.. M
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    Morning wood?

    Is morning wood suppose to come back? I can get erections with my gf about 80% hard and good enough for sex, but my refractory period is fairly long at several hours and I very rarely get morning wood, and if I do it's more like a semi. I've been rebooting for about 7 months now all in, only...
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    Does orgasming via sex causes flatlines?

    Something I think I am experiencing... Even struggling with ED drugs now....
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    Orgasms creating flatline?

    Is it possible to flatline through orgasm with sex?
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    Can dopamine deficiency from porn be permanent?

    I seriously worried about this. What if I can never get hard again because I have fried my dopamine receptors? Been trying to get hard for 5 days since my gf went away I can barely get anything close to an erection. I'm seriously worried. I've not watched porn in a month now! I've been...
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    Has anyone flatlined after sex here?

    So it's a weird one. I recovered from what seemed like PIED at 25 as I was able to have sex without pills and get hard to just touch at 25 after a year long reboot. After the break up with my ex, I was able to have sex with several other girls with no issues, unless I used porn again for a...
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    ED returned after MO

    Hi guys, I've successfully cured PIED after a streak of about 4 months and continued until I had a streak of 10 months, with lots of ups and downs along the way. I was having sex with and without orgasm, and sex with orgasm would set me back a few days but never anything crazy. Well I MO'd 7...
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    Penile shrinkage in flatline

    Does your penis shrink during flatline? What causes this?
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    Flatline after sex/orgasm

    Has anyone else experienced this? I've been doing this for 6 months now and everytime I orgasm after sex I hit a flatline, libido drops and I feel awful? 25 years old and been trying to give up. Porn, been successful the last 6 months but still have bouts of ED and still no morning wood
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    No morning wood and weak erections still after six monthz

    Can anyone help, being doing nofap for about 6 months now, 4 relapses to peeking at porn but nothing else, still only getting weak erections with my girlfriend and if they stop getting stimulated they dissappear. Sometimes it works great but most of the time it just goes. I also never and I...