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  1. Gabe Deem

    New study - “Social Anxiety, Pornography Use, and Loneliness: A Meditation Analysis”

    Doctoral dissertation - "Social Anxiety, Pornography Use, and Loneliness: A Mediation Analysis" - From abstract: Important to point out that a majority of 70% were married or had a life partner. The average age of subjects was 37.
  2. Gabe Deem

    NEW Q&A VIDEO: Chaser Effect, Anxiety, Rewiring, Favorite Quotes and More!

    What's up Nation! Just posted a new vid on Reboot Nation's YouTube channel answering questions from my Patreon supporters. Topics covered in this video include: - Anxiety and fear of being stuck in the flatline. - Tips for rebooting in a relationship. - Impact of video games during the...
  3. Gabe Deem

    Website Update Coming Soon!

    What's up everyone!? We are in the process of doing some much needed updates to the forum  8) I'll be tweeting out any important updates on Reboot Nation's twitter account @Reboot_Nation If there will be any downtime, I will post on this thread, and send out a message to members to give...
  4. Gabe Deem

    NEW Q&A VIDEO: Porn During Covid, Myth of "90" Days, Performance Anxiety & More

    What's up RN, Just posted a new Q&A video answering questions from my Patreon supporters. This one is relevant as I dig into: Porn during the pandemic How lockdown affected my mental health The myth of "90" days to recover Despair during a long flatline And more. Here is the link...
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    MOVED: Finding out about Husband advice

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    Reboot Q&A Video: Cold Showers, Meditation, Flatline, Performance Anxiety..

    Hey Nation, I just posted a new Q&A video to the Reboot Nation YouTube channel that answers questions I received from our Patreon supporters. The topics include: Tips to help with the flatline Tips for performance anxiety If you can masturbate without porn fantasy Do pro-porn arguments have...
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    MOVED: Ksafe (A very helpful tool if you're a bad PMO addict)

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    MOVED: My PIED journal. Age 28

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    Why You Relapse (even when you don't see ANY benefit to porn use) VIDEO

    Impaired decision making... the addiction related brain change known as hypofrontality, where over time addicts develop weaker executive control in the pre-frontal cortex. Once this happens, we begin to "justify" our porn use, and choose temporary pleasure over our long-term goals. Some people...
  10. Gabe Deem

    Interview with Matt Fradd Monday 11/23/20

    Hey Nation, An interview I did with Matt Fradd recently will go up on his popular YouTube channel (and podcast Pints with Aquinas) this upcoming Monday morning if anyone is interested in giving it a listen and showing some support! I wasn't my sharpest that morning as I had a very rough...
  11. Gabe Deem

    Video on Taking Viagra and Other Sex Drugs During a Reboot

    Hey Nation, When I was going through recovery as an otherwise healthy young 23 year old dude, I was so confused about why I couldn't get an erection for sex. So, I tried Viagra and Cialis, and to my dismay, they didn't work. As I learned the neuroscience of sexual conditioning and how porn...
  12. Gabe Deem

    The Biggest Mistake Addicts Make (NEW VIDEO)

    What?s up y?all! Just posted a new vid to hopefully motivate you to keep pushing forward even if it?s painful and uncomfortable. You?ll get through it. Focus on what you want, and let your past push you forward rather than pull you back. Much love.
  13. Gabe Deem

    SITE MAINTENANCE TONIGHT! Possible Downtime.

    We are going to be doing some forum software updates tonight. The site might experience some downtime over the next couple of hours. Follow @Reboot_Nation on Twitter for updates if the site goes down.
  14. Gabe Deem

    How to Quit Porn and Rewire With a Partner: Reboot relationship advice (video)

    One of the most common mistakes rebooters make in my opinion is they focus too much on NOT WATCHING PORN and just sitting around waiting to turn into superman/superwomen, even if they have little to no real life sexual experiences. I think many rebooters, especially those who grew up with...
  15. Gabe Deem

    Hope everyone has a great weekend

    Just wanted to encourage everyone this weekend! "success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal." - Earl Nightingale Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want. Fill your schedule up with healthy activities or projects (one of those could be posting here and encouraging...
  16. Gabe Deem

    Porn Playbook: Deny, Disinform, and Defame (NEW VIDEO)

    If any of y'all are wondering why the potential negative effects of porn are not common knowledge yet... watch my latest video:
  17. Gabe Deem

    No Amount of Porn Can Ever Love You Back (new video)

    What's up Nation! I made a short video (3 mins) to let rebooters know 1) you're not alone, 2) there's always hope as the brain can always change, and 3) porn can never provide what a real person can... love. I hope y'all find it helpful. Much love.
  18. Gabe Deem

    The FLATLINE (New Video) Everything you need to know

    Hey Nation, Just posted a video on the Flatline on Reboot Nation's YouTube Channel. I've thought about making this video for years, but since the science on the "flatline" (a period of time during recovery where libido drops) isn't clear, I've been hesitant to cover it. I tried to pack as...
  19. Gabe Deem

    BACK ONLINE. Server Issue Fixed.

    Hey Nation, Server had issues this morning that are now fixed. I apologize for any inconvenience. I hope everyone is having a great porn free day. Remember: ?The secrete of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.? Much love.
  20. Gabe Deem

    The Last Thing Isolated People Need

    Reboot Nation in the National Review: