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  1. runksoneck

    200+ days without P. DE and PIED cured

    Hey guys, I consider myself free from the cycle of that addiction. I know it can be hard to you to trust me, and I know that when I was in your spot i also have doubts about if it was possible. But i managed to solve this problem in my life for 7 months now (march/2021) My History related with...
  2. runksoneck

    Out of cage. 8 months without PMO. DE&PIED cured

    Hi guys I am new here in this forum. Started in the, so if you wanna see all my journal you can see through here: I will start this journal to post some content weekly related to quit PMO. I don't...
  3. runksoneck

    Out of the cage - 26 years

    Hello, i am an addicted to porn since i am 12. But before that i already was addicted to masturbation since i had 5/7 years old. I discovered that i was an addicted when i was 18/20 years old. Since then i tried to stop, but unfortunately i couldn't. My best was when i achieved around 120...