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    PIED and Performance Anxiety

    I wanted to start a thread here for everyone to discuss this topic. I definitely suffer from PIED but I also believe there is a big topping of Performance Anxiety at work here as well. This has been a problem for me for years and has gotten worse as my porn habit has gotten worse. I know that...
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    Suffering for Years

    I've been suffering from PIED for years and for years I have done nothing about it. That is until now. I'm 41 days in and hoping this is the time that I finally walk away for good. How long will it take? No one can answer that. I have over 40 years to overcome. It's not going to happen in a...
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    Quick Question about Recovering from PIED

    Hi All. I'm going to keep this short. I've been using porn since I was probably 10. I'm now 53. I've been dealing with PIED for many years now. 10 t0 15 for sure, getting worse over the years. Of course, used porn that whole time. I'm done with porn now. This is it for me. I've made a commitment...
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    My journey to be a better man.

    Today I'm starting my reboot. Yes, I've done it before. But today I'm committed. I'm 53 years old and have been using porn since I was very young. So, my whole life. Things exploded for me with the internet as I'm sure it has with many. I work from home and am self employed which has made it...
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    40+ Years of Porn Addiction

    I'm 53. I've been viewing porn since before I hit puberty. My parents had Playboy and Playgirl magazines in their bedrooms. My brothers and I would look at them all the time before we were even able to masturbate. Of course, going back it was much harder to find porn. The magazines we looked at...
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    New Here and suffering

    Hi everyone. I have been addicted to porn for as long as I can remember. It started with my father's Playboy's back when I was very young and it has only gotten worse. I'm not 53. I have had trouble getting and maintaining erections with my wife for many years and I know it all goes back to...