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  1. The Tunesmith

    Found this helpful

    Terry Crews, the actor and recovering porn addict said this on a podcast. Paraphrased. "Resolve the Cognitive Dissonance in your thought process. You can’t believe you truly love your wife yet believe it’s alright to willfully do things that hurt her." The bible says, "A double minded man is...
  2. The Tunesmith

    ***WARNING. Potential Trigger*** A question about objectification.

    I'm currently 34 days sober. I have noticed improvements in my sexual relationship with my wife already. I hope to help facilitate improvement in that regard on a daily basis. I, as all porn abusers I suspect, have a HUGE problem with objectification. On top of all the usual objectification...
  3. The Tunesmith

    Honoring the Ultimatum

    Hi. My name is Steve and I am on day 31 of my sobriety after 20 years of addiction. I named my journal "Honoring the Ultimatum" because I was indeed given one (I'm sure I'm not the only one here who has) by my wife of 14 years. I'm 59 and she is 46, so there's that. The age difference isn't an...