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    Difficulty Maintaining Erection

    I used to watch porn and masturbate from 8-9 years. Now I noticed that I have a difficulty maintaining erection without physical stimulation. With continuous stimulation I am able to get erection and maintain it, but as I stop physical stimulation, within 15-20 seconds it starts losing. Is it...
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    I am having Weaker Erection

    From a long time I have an habbit of watching Porn and masturbation. I am trying to stop it completely. Now I noticed that my erection is hard, but not fully hard, its only 70-80%. Is it because of porn consumption. If so, will I be able to get 100% hard after reboot.
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    I am new and need help to reboot

    My story is that from quite sometime I have noticed that my erection is hard enough to have sex, but I am unable to maintain it. I need to have continuous physical stimulation to maintain my erection. If I stop stimulation, erection goes down in 10-15 seconds. And when I again starts stimulation...