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    The beauty of excuses is that they are true and he will always be ready to hide behind them. Ten years is enough. Move on, just like he's chosen virtual over real, you now go and choose yourself. Much love.
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    Up and down ED

    I won't tell you what to do, but I suggest you rather break the china or punch a hole in the drywall. When YOUR shit breaks again, cause that's the only outcome, that finding won't be as interesting. Starting over sucks ass my friend. Don't!
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    Orgasms creating flatline?

    Thanks man. Yes, I've been made aware of them on this site and, not being a doctor, your guess is as good as mine, but I assume that the reason for that allostatic state for years and years is that there might be interaction effects with other forms of stimulus that people don't associate with...
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    Orgasms creating flatline?

    I will have to agree with @Tryinghere and @Carpaccio in that the whole purpose of rebooting is to be able to be able to enjoy your sexuality in a healthy way. If you mean to never be with a woman, why would you want to reboot? Like @Tryinghere says, with my wife we used that naked grinding...
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    Orgasms creating flatline?

    And taking a sh*t every day will give you a distended anus too so watch out!
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    Up and down ED

    I'm so happy for you guys!!!! Fuck yeah!
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    How to rewire to real sexual encounters?

    All that, and give it time. I felt fixed six months into the reboot, but only started feeling the same anticipation, kink and enjoyment that I used to feel for porn with my wife about a year later. So be patient, it'll come.
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    Mi ascenso a la gloria

    Adelante Danilo, que bien que lo tomes de buena manera y tarde o temprano, vas a lograr abandonar el porno para siempre. A seguir adelante. Si te sirve, leé los diarios de la gente de 30 o 40 porque el tiempo pasa muy rápido y ese pronto serás vos si no parás. Ahora es una cuestión de ansiedad...
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    Asking about what is on the other side

    I felt "fixed" six months into the reboot, but I have only started to feel as kinky with my wife as I did with porn a year afterwards.
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    Up and down ED

    Congratulations on four months. It seems that you are doing great. In my opinion, masturbation operates in a different wavelength than sex, and I now think one is not practice for the other one, so I would wager it wouldn't desensitize you just enough to last more. It might even be triggerish...
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    Up and down ED

    The reward is big my friend. I am glad you were able to keep it going!
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    Womens perspective

    I hope you find some comfort and understanding in this forum and are able to at least give your husband the benefit of the doubt. I know it's no excuse, but please understand that, while porn is an addiction and it certainly operates on your reward system as much as some of the hardest drugs, it...
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    اريد المساعدة

    First of all, congratulations on those 13 months. Think that you are more than a year in the right direction and getting fixed is probably just around the corner. Perhaps you'd like to start a thread in the journals section and tell us more about yourself. Your age, your relationship status...
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    Up and down ED

    Hey there, I'm glad to read that, Covid aside (I hope she gets well soon), things are looking up. With this quotation here, I wanted to say that I experienced the same. And two things with that: Nowadays I think that what I used to call sexual prowess, was just early stages of delayed...
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    Cheer up, we only have one life

    The good thing is you are already doing something about it, which can only end well!!!! As for anxiety, good habits and bad habits compound so you end up being what you do every day. Choose who you want to be with your actions. I once struggled with this as well and what helped was developing a...
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    Searching but very afraid

    The best way out of fear is through. Sure it'll be hell for a while but bliss awaits on the other side!
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    Is it possible to fap so much, that you can induce flatline onto yourself without realizing?

    Throughout my adult life waaaay before developing the PIED that led me to reboot, I used to refer to my orgasms as "the fat lady singing" because after I was done there were no second times. My girls could orgasm all they wanted but once I did, that was it for the day. Knowing now, after a...
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    *PLEASE READ* this may save lives

    Yes, it will be enough :)
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    *PLEASE READ* this may save lives

    It's just a matter of time. You'll get there. In the meantime, you might want to try vagus nerve reset exercises for your flatline. They take a few minutes and who knows, it might help you get out of the slump. Try this and these. A few months back, after a long time of being healed I fell into...