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  1. Notthatmananymore17

    Rediscovering myself

    Been about 21 days since my last relapse. I'm feeling really good about me cause social anxiety is going slowly. Today i reunited with some college friends and felt completely different when talking. The ideas that i had were so fluent and i've managed to talk them with such passion that one of...
  2. Notthatmananymore17

    Retaking the challenge after 2 months of continuous relapsing

    Hi guys i hope you have been doing well so far during this first months of 2022. During the past 2 i've been through a 3-4 day of abstaining before having a relapse cycle. Those months haven't been good at all cause nothing was going accordding my expectations, and that was so frustrating. I...
  3. Notthatmananymore17

    12 days now

    Hey guys, i have been very busy this last week. I'm currently on the final part of the semester, so in part thanks to that i have got this far. These last 2 days i have been having low urges and i can notice that it always happens when i'm about to reach day 15. There was some days where i...
  4. Notthatmananymore17

    Can't feel who is the person i love the most

    Hey guys, i'm writing this post because last night i was watching a play and at the beginning the main character asked us to think about the person we love the most. I felt thrilled because i didn't know who was i suposed to think. I thought about my mom, but i didn't feel that sense of love...
  5. Notthatmananymore17

    Starting again after 6 days off sober and personal history

    Hi everyone! I started this journey this year after a very bad break up. It is really worrying how porn affects our lives. I started watching porn at 9 or at least that is what i remember. A cousing showed me a site and everything started. It didn't scallated quickly, because i lived in a place...