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    What's missing in my life as an Addict? Socializing, Never gone to talk to a girl. No girlfriend or female friends. Fear of what they think striked me backwards from every action i felt challenging. These may be mere or easy to all others but not for me. And I think iam trapped and feel...
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    Day 7 Need Support {restart}

    Hi All. Iam Arun 22 years old. Have been to porn since 16. But it became an addiction after my 18s and identified it at my 20. Since then iam trying this that to quit porn and lead a real life. But somehow the addiction grew deeper. I experienced less excitement on real things, erection was...
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    New Beginning.

    Iam starting again after a series of relapse. Now I struggle to go through a day without porn. Iam testing my limits and want to succeed today and everyday from now. Be with me Support me. I need somebody who can love me at my worst .........