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    Starting Again

    Today has been tough and it’s only 6am. I’ve been trying to keep busy and not find myself alone with my phone. I also haven’t been connecting with my wife so I’m now in a spot where I just want to comfort myself with porn. Which in a way is selfish. I want to just take care of myself, no matter...
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    Starting Again

    Its been 3 days since my birthday. And its been kind of a roller coster. In general, i think i'm in the best place i've been for a while. Emotionally, I get into such a big funk around my birthday that i then try to soothe through PMO. but this year has been different. And i do like it. I'm in...
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    Starting Again

    its currently 5:23 and its raining! My new routine is to go for a run at 5:30 but i'm not so down with running in the rain...yet. I'm working on putting new routines into the normal times that are a struggle. So, write this journal in the morning. don't bring my phone to the bathroom. today, i...
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    Starting Again

    I don't know why, but just you saying that gives me hope! How awesome will it be to say i did the whole year without porn. and its possible. Thanks for the encouragement!
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    Starting Again

    So, mornings are tough. first off, i'm physically ready to go so theres that! Second, my family is all asleep so it give me a chunk of time alone. Third, there is a surprising amount of online action happening. I guess this what happens when you get older. I spent so much time in my 20's and...
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    Starting Again

    Happy Birthday to Me! I had a thought this morning that I have a family that thinks i'm special. My wife and kids want to spend time with me and love me. I do not need anyone or anything else to tell me that i'm desirable or to feel wanted because i actually already have it. I think alot of my...
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    Starting Again

    This is my new journal. I have not been on here for a while and something’s have gotten better & other things have gotten worse. I have been noFAP for a while and if it happens, I really just brush it off and move on. I fully believe that it has lost a hold on me. as for porn, I still struggle...
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    Monky's Log

    I hear this and understand it completely. It’s such a vicious cycle and I’m tired of it! Hope you are able to get the support here that you need/want
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    I'm a porn addict (by far the crappiest, lamest addiction ever)

    Hey man. I've sort of fallin off the wagon as well. I like your goal of making it through December. We ve got this!
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    This has to stop. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

    Jerrytx, I am so encouraged by your post. I'm sorry that you indulged but it's true, you are better than when you first started. I PMOd today and I have been so down. But I didn't go to God, I've just been feeding myself the lies. Your post just snapped me out of that. We are forgiven. We are...
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    All Things Are Possible

    Day 11 So, yesterday was rough. I peeked at things but I'm not counting it cause it was a complete fight the whole time. Woke up, did a mini workout, and then scheduled out my day. Gonna do my best to keep to it. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I fully needed it.
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    All Things Are Possible

    Day 10 I want to PMO so badly! I'm going to keep myself busy and I'm trying to just dismiss the urges, or ride the waves but I'm sort of getting really ansty. Believing tomorrow will be better.
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    Journal for my reboot

    Hold on man. You've got this. What can you do instead?
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    All Things Are Possible

    I really appreciate that idea of dismiss, not fight urges. I'm gonna work on that today. Thanks man
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    Hey man! No worries. And if I'm not a 'match', zero pressure. Its just weird putting the request...

    Hey man! No worries. And if I'm not a 'match', zero pressure. Its just weird putting the request out there and not have people respond. I like it. I'm in Belize. We got here right before everything shut down so it's been nothing like what we expected. After two years, we are 'almost' adjusted...
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    All Things Are Possible

    Day 1 Tired of the cycle of fighting and relapse. This round I'm trying out a different strategy but I'm hoping it shows some growth. Also want to read the books everyone keeps talking about. Here's to today.
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    **Accountability Partner Requests**

    Hey man. I'm a 40 year old, just moved to central America from the USA. I'm currently working on getting rid of porn and MO. I could use a accountability partner too.
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    Life and Peace (Romans 8:6)

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    How Shall We Escape?

    I was gonna post about how much I want to just PMO but reading over your journal, I'm pretty inspired. Thank you for your honest and how strategic you've been in your process. Also, just your leaning on the Lord. Thanks and I look forward to hitting the 100 days without porn!
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    I need to up my game.

    I agree with zackergeet & Phineas. Hold on dude. Its not over. We keep getting up and fighting. One step at a time.