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    My future is awesome!

    Learning to be present in all its comfort and discomfort is a difficult but vital practice for us addicts.
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    Starting again

    Sounds like you are crushing it already! Keep up the good work.
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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    Great stuff @GBS you are doing the hard work. They say suffering arises wanting reality to be different from it is, and it seems like you are dealing with things, difficult as they are. Next time I'm back in the UK I think I will swing north of the border and grab a deep fried Mars Bar or...
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    Moving Forward

    Ha. Yes, it's meditation days. I'm counting because, like the no PMO I need to make it stick. I aim for it to be a lifelong practice. Also because, like you, I am effing useless at it too so it's to make sure I keep doing it. 45 days in and I have started to make some progress. I view it as...
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    Moving Forward

    No PMO Day 154; no MO Day 92 My partner and I had a fight a week ago over something I perceived as a major slight. It built up of the next few days and I became extremely resentful, when she wasn't coming to me to resolve the issue how I needed, no matter how many times I explained it. At...
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    Holding the Fool (me) to Account

    Congrats @SimonM you've come a long way and made really meaningful progress. It's great you have found that mental place you can replicate. Here's to a great number 5!
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    The Road to Redemption

    Hi @Aeodh Dan just checking in to see how things are going. I hope you are doing ok.
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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    As a fellow Brit, I can attest that the 'dead in a ditch' thing is quite British humour!
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    Moving Forward

    Thanks for all your support @Blondie and all you do here Prommers, those numbers are awesome. Keep going on the “recovery”. Cheers @GBS always following in your wake @Sammyjo Thank you for chiming! It's amazing how eye-opening this period has been. Onwards and upwards!
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    Battle Journal

    Congratulations on 100 days! Especially the way you dealt with everything around the 90s and kept going. Nice one!
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    Moving Forward

    No PMO Day 150; no MO Day 88 It's been a busy week. There is COVID at the daycare so my partner and I have been juggling work and childcare more than usual. In the past I would have been stressed about losing 'my time' and the juggling but this time I'm loving being able to spend more time...
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    Porn is not an option

    Thanks for posting this. It's been on my mind for a few days and helped me recalibrate a bit. Best
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    Moving Forward

    Cheers ears, I look forward to it!
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    Becoming numb and lethargic

    In the first couple of months of getting clean (am approaching 5) I had crazy anxiety, headaches, insomnia, intrusive thoughts etc. It's really up and down, and while your brain is sorting itself out can be a lot down depending on the nature/depth of the addiction. "The only improvements I...
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    Porn is not an option

    @Blondie amazing stuff, it's an inspiration us all. @GBS not sure if I want to see that in a fax machine!?
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    [UPDATE ] Addicted to Porn not my boyfriend

    Hi, I think I can understand some of the feelings of anger and not being sure why. Porn has been a way for me to (not) deal with difficult emotions in the past. Giving it up has the double whammy of having the difficulties that go with withdrawals as well as the difficult emotions that it was...
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    Moving Forward

    Cheers @Blondie it's good to be aware it will happen from time to time. Massive congrats on the year!!
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    For my unborn

    Social media is a difficult one, I have found it useful so far to categorise it in my head as a (mild) form of porn that I have to stay away from (for now at least), and for me that also applies to ogling in any form. Well done on 24 days!!!
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    Moving Forward

    No PMO Day 144; no MO Day 82 I felt a bit off all day yesterday and also woke up many times throughout the night. I think I was worried I might have relapsed or something. Today, looking back, I am in the early stages of moving dealing with a porn addiction, of course I will have urges and...
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    Moving Forward

    @Aeodh Dan I appreciate that. Thanks for the reminder brother. "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better."