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    Anyone interested in chatting

    I’m 42, what is this chat room like? What sort of things are talked about in there?
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    Anyone interested in chatting

    @TheFuture1 id be super interested in the google chat group if you don’t mind sharing
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    Serious effects of porn on women

    Hey Dark, thanks for your thoughts. I think you are right in that sometimes our morals are good, but I’m not sure that they are ever ridiculous as long as they are morals you’ve created based on your life and experiences as opposed to morals that you are told you should adhere too. I do think...
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    Serious effects of porn on women

    I was listening to a podcast once several years ago, I can’t remember for the life of me the name of the podcast, however the therapist had a discussion about whether porn influences our tastes sexually or if our bodies were somewhat prewired to enjoy such things we just didn’t know it because...
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    Anyone interested in chatting

    Anyone interested in chatting? I’m feeling tempted.
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    Hello Gentlemen. Now we begin.

    So much good info there. Having gone almost a year with no PMo I can say for me the hardest part was battling my own brain. It’s hard to fight the mental images the brain will come up with when it’s not visually stimulated by porn. Learning how to bump those thoughts and not dwell on them and...
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    Why I am putting chat rooms and apps behind me

    Hi sledgehammer, I’m not so sure you should be afraid to talk about the things that have happened here, everyone of us here are here for the same reason. We’ve done things that are absolutely not who we are at our core. Things I’ve done knowing I don’t want to do it are not who I am. Not who I...
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    I think it would be nice to have a chat room type of forum

    I think it would be neat to have a chat room type of forum in here for members to kind of speak in real time with others if they are feeling triggered, struggling, or just need to vent. While I realize this type of format may be easily exploited if used properly may me kind of nice. Does anyone...
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    My current state of mind + crossdressing/sissy

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s heartbreaking and informative to read things like this for perspective. While I never got to that level of thinking or putting things into action it’s important to realize that left unchecked it’s hard for anyone to try truly know just how far their addiction can...
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    My current state of mind + crossdressing/sissy

    My story is kind of similar to yours, I wasn’t forced to perform oral but I had a friend who hit puberty before me and asked me to Jack him off or suck his dick a lot. He never told me he wouldn’t be my friend if I didn’t but I was afraid he’d be mad if I didn’t so I always obliged. He never...
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    New and hopefull

    Hi Lucy, I’m not sure if it’s taboo for a guy to be posting in here and if so I appologize but I am curious about something. Like you I don’t know if I’m addicted to porn so much as I was to edging and masturbation. I felt like over time my imagination was not enough and I had to turn to porn or...
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    Just seeing if anyone is online here right now and interested in chatting, I’m feeling some...

    Just seeing if anyone is online here right now and interested in chatting, I’m feeling some temptation and could use a distraction.
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    **Accountability Partner Requests**

    Hey Nick, feel free to email me [email protected], I’ve been through a very similar situation as you. I’d love to talk with you and see if I can be a source of support for you.
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    Killing my Dirtiest Secret

    Well, to be fair, the first 17 years of my addiction I did t even really know of it to be an addiction. It was something I massively enjoyed, even when it caused me to act out in ways that go against my sexual identity. And admittedly even when I learned I’d the addiction it took me getting...
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    Killing my Dirtiest Secret

    Thanks for your post. I dealt with porn from my early 20’s until now (I’m 41), and by now I mean I’ve been working on bettering myself and kicking the habit for the last 2 years (long story which I’m happy to share if interested in a privat message). The last two years were off and on to start...
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    Hi Joe, I know I’m a bit late to your post but I’d be happy to talk with you and listen to your story and the emotions you are feeling. If you want to send me a private message I’d be happy to read it.
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    Looking for information

    Does anyone know of any chat rooms for people going through porn addiction? I was thinking it would be a nice place to go if I’m feeling triggered or feeling an urge to look at porn to just talk to other like minded people.
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    Remorse after a slip

    That kind of goes along with a saying I really like. When people say “you only live once” it’s actually not true. You only die once, but every day yiu wake up you get to live again. When you think about it like that I feel like you get a whole new appreciation for life.
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    Remorse after a slip

    You’re right, it’s progression, and I think as someone else said earlier the remorse and shame I’m feeling is because I know enough now to know that when I have a slip it’s counter productive to what I’m trying to achieve. To have a slip or relapse now is a conscious choice, not unconscious like...